Animal Crossing: New Leaf is now the best-selling entry for the entire franchise

It seems like Animal Crossing just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Fans have been absolutely clamoring for a Switch installment, and now we can see why. 3DS owners have been snatching up Animal Crossing: New Leaf ever since it launched, and Nintendo's most recent financial report shows that the game has now sold 11.78 million units. That beats out Animal Crossing: Wild World, the previous record holder which sat at 11.75 million units sold.


Im surprised it took this long tbh

Yeah, New Leaf is clearly the best effort they have put into the franchise since the beginning. I'm quite shocked NL didn't reach the top until just recently.

The DS was a beast though. It also had more casual appeal than the 3DS.

Tue Jul 31 18 09:49pm
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I still feel like this series has barely scratched the surface of what is possible too. I hope the next entry, whenever it happens, is a really big deal evolution.

Tue Jul 31 18 10:04pm
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Wouldn't surprise me to see an AC early next year.

Wed Aug 01 18 12:53am
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Cool! This is good news. I always thought it had the best name.

The next game will easily outperform this

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