Nintendo grabs trademarks for Endless Ocean and Another Code

Another week, another round of trademarks filed by Nintendo. This time around we have two more titles that Nintendo fans should be familiar with. The company has applied for an Endless Ocean trademark in Japan, with the trademark being related to 'video game programs.' As for Another Code, the trademark was again applies to Japan and is for a 'video game program.'

...please, PLEASE let this pave the way for an official North American release for Another Code: R. Yes, I am STILL pissed about that!

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As much as I want to see more Another Code is as much as I believe this is just standard trademark protection. [sighs]

Oh my goodness, I had to stop everything to read this piece of news. I really hope this means they could be bringing Endless Ocean and Another Code to the NS in the future! We are missing some deep sea exploration, and it doesn't seem like Subnautica is heading to the system anytime soon. Also, a little mystery visual novel would be interesting too.

Thu Aug 02 18 04:25pm
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WELL now, Nintendo looks like they are busy. I would not mind an HD Endless Ocean game with the more prettier looking graphics.

I also WOULD REALLLLLY like Another Code R to be on Switch in HD and localized to North America. Or any of those games to make their way to the Switch.

Just do what I did, mod your Wii and import the European version.

Don’t get excited, people. This happens all the time and rarely does it amount to anything.

Yeeessss, bring on the Ocean!!!

Another Code R for Switch please!

What are these ips anyways. Never heard of them..

Fri Aug 03 18 03:17am
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Well they are fairly obscure Nintendo IPs... both have only two entries, the last one being on the Wii...

Another Code--known in the US as Trace Memory--is a puzzle-solving point-and-click adventure series with a strong emphasis on its story. The second one was never released in the US.

Endless Ocean is a simulation where you play a scuba diver and swim in the ocean, encounter marine life, find treasure and so on... apparently there's some kind of story in there... actually, is Endless Ocean really owned by Nintendo? I thought it belonged to a third party and Nintendo just published it.

Oh cooool, I just completed Another Code. R a couple months ago and I think it's Cing's best game/VN. But I mean this surely doesn't mean there's going to be a 3rd one... Maybe Smash trophies?


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