Minecraft movie delayed as it loses its director and co-writer

The Minecraft movie just suffered a major setback, causing a delay. Director and co-writer Rob McElhenney has left the project, meaning there's no way the film can make its originally-planned May 2019 release. Warner Bros. has already picked a replacement, bringing on the writer/director duo of Aaron and Adam Nee to write a new script.

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This kind of stuff doesn't normally bode well for movies, does it?

Rob McElhenney as in the same Rob McElhenney of Its Always Sunny fame?! Would not have thought he’d be tied to a Minecraft movie

Yeah, it totally is. I was so excited to see what he was going to do with the property. Now I'm bummed.

Yeah it sucks but hey at least we have a new season of Sunny to look forward to next month!

And now I am no longer interested in this movie.

I know. I was so happy for Rob getting a chance to do something so different. He's so skilled and cool and now I could not care less about this film.

It’ll probably be as terrible as telltale’s games.

Ahh, so surprisingly good.

a movie based on a game that would be bad? maybe they thought the same and left lol


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