Smash Bros. Ultimate: Limited Edition revealed for Europe

Oh man, look at this bad boy! Announced for Europe as of right now, the Smash Bros. Ultimate: Limited Edition includes a copy of the game, a Smash Bros. Edition Cube controller, and a GameCube controller adapter. Let's hope the same bundle is offered here in the states!


That looks nice but I own all 3 pieces. Only the game is updated. Speaking of things we hope for, let's hope this game all fits on the cartridge. I could see this surpassing 16GB's but I also can see Nintendo making sacrifices like audio quality or video compression in order to squeeze it onto the cartridge. No way will they use a 32GB cartridge.

Yeah.. Nintendo is the Master of compression... Remember that Super Mario Odyssey is only 5,7Gb eheheh

If the pic is already on the box, does that mean there are no more new characters to be announced?

Nah, they are just using what will be an outdated image just for use right now, it will get update. Plus he said there will be more characters announced later.

Also I want the final image of that to be a poster in the special edition here in the US.

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