Child of Light & Valiant Hearts coming to Switch

Looks like we have some more support heading to Switch from Ubisoft, albeit ports of older titles. Both Child of Light and Valiant Hearts are coming to the platform. We don't know if there's any enhancements or changes for Switch, but we do know the release dates.

Child of Light: Ultimate Edition

- due out Oct. 11th, 2018

Valiant Hearts

- due out Nov. 8th, 2018

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!

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There's one good thing about this Child of Light port. It finally gets a physical version, it was digital only on Wii U. It's a very good game by the way. And we never got to experience Valiant Hearts before. Don't know about it, I'll have to read up on it.

Yea, before this only the Vita has a physical version, which induced shrugs to anyone who actually cared.

Always meant to get Child of Light on the Wii U, but just never did, so I'll probably take advantage of the port.

I'm not a big RPG guy, but I've always been intrigued by Child of Light. Almost bought it on Wii U a few times. The fact that it's only 10 hours or so really helps. Definitely gonna try it out this time!

You missed your chance, it was as cheap as a couple of Euro a number of times on the Wii U eShop. It'll be a good while before it's that price again, especially with the Switch port on the way. I'm guessing this will be at least €30, if not a little more.

Eh, I'm ok with that.

I bought it on the wiiu, but couldn't bring myself to finish it... Not really sure why. Depending on what's on this Ultimate Edition I might give it another try

Great, Child of Light I already have on the WiiU, but Valiant Hearts I always wanted to play and until now didn't have the option ^^

Child of Light is on my Steam wishlist for a long time.. I think I'll finally buy it now, but for Switch. Smile

I never played or had much interest in Child of Light, but Valiant Hearts was not bad. It ended up being a free game on PS+ around the time when I first got my PS4.

Loved Child of Light so much and still listen to the soundtrack. Not sure I'll double dip though unless there's more content past the playable character WiiU didn't get. Might pick up Valiant Hearts though as I was bummed it never came to WiiU.

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