Ubisoft shares more details on Child of Light and Valiant Hearts' Switch ports

Child of Light and Valiant Hearts, two hand-drawn adventures from Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Montpellier are coming to Nintendo Switch on October 11 and November 8 respectively. Child of Light tells the coming-of-age story of Aurora, a young girl struggling to save the lost kingdom of Lemuria and her ailing father. Created as a modern reimagining of childhood fairy tales with distinctive watercolor visuals, Child of Light sees Aurora, her firefly Igniculus, and a host of other party members take on the Dark Queen of Lemuria and her minions in tough turn-based combat.

As you triumph over the Dark Queen's minions in this RPG, you'll level up and unlock skill points used to upgrade the unique abilities of your party members while crafting and improving your equipment. By utilizing the power of light, Aurora and Igniculus will work together to solve puzzles. On Switch, players can team up with a friend as Igniculus can be controlled by another player using a Joy-Con controller.

Valiant Hearts tells the story of five separate strangers, brought together by the horrors of war and their faithful canine companion. A story of friendship, love, sacrifice, and tragedy based on World War 1, Valiant Hearts is a heartfelt adventure through history. On your journey, you'll explore famous WW1 locations like Reims and Montfaucon, and crucial, war-impacting moments like the Battles of Marne and Somme as you work with your trusty and lovable dog to solve puzzles and sneak behind enemy lines.

On Switch, Valiant Hearts is fully playable with touch controls, allowing you to interact with the characters and world like never before. Additionally, Switch owners will have access to an interactive comic book, Valiant Hearts: Dogs of War. The comic tells the tale of Walt the dog and his sister Cassie in the early years of WW1 as they navigate dangerous trenches in order to deliver important messages and rescue fallen soldiers.

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Wed Aug 08 18 03:44pm
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This is great news! ill be double dipping for Child of Light, i highly recommend. I will try Valiant Hearts as ive never played that one.

Child of light was a really good game! I'm glad to see it was not forgotten about. I have not played Valiant hearts myself either.

I'd double-dip on Child of Light, but I never got around to buying it in the first place, and after awhile buying Wii U games just didn't make sense. So I'll correct my earlier omission.

Well that's kinda cool, we're getting the Valiant Hearts game that missed the Wii U so that's a step upwards. Child of Light is also welcome, I was ok with that on the Wii U.

I was really surprised by the amount of fun I had with Child of Light on WiiU. It was over much too quickly though. Hope the price is right and more people can enjoy the game.

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