Work x Work - new characters detailed, Staff Room info, and DLC plans

This week's issue of Famitsu has another feature on Work x Work, this time detailing several more characters, revealing the in-game staff room, and DLC plans.

Staff Room

- this is where the monster characters talk about what order they will come out
- they also discuss what sort of moves they should be defeated by so that guests can have a good time
- Pochio will be able to talk to the various enemy characters, and listen in on their meetings
- this will let you get some hints on how to instruct the guests during their adventure in Hero-sama Land


- mysterious old man who lives on the island
- has a bird living on his head


- teddy bear-like staff member who’s Pochio’s senior
- manages the staff who act as enemies in Hero-sama Land


- legendary witch who is around 50 but looks half the age
- she’s in charge of the Summons Magic Corps

Jason and Kotori

- young couple who have come to visit Hero-sama Land
- while they seem close, no one seems to know why Kotori likes Jason


- priestess who just happened to be invited to join the Hero, and so became famous
- he doesn’t command respect, but holds a lot of influence despite how he looks and acts


- kindly-looking old man that nobody knows the real name of


- the team plans on adding new characters and stories in sets in order to expand the worldview
- there will be extra stories for existing characters in order to flesh them out even more
- the game may have a crossover DLC with Caligula, with Mu and Aria being guests at Hero-sama Land.

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Ooo Male Priestess sounds cool!


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