Tech Kids School in Japan hosted a 'Nintendo Labo Hackathon'

Tech Kids School in Japan teaches children how to code. That makes it perfect for Nintendo Labo's Toy-Con Garage, which is why the school recently held a Nintendo Labo Hackathon! During the two-day events, kids learned all about Nintendo Labo. They messed around with the Toy-Con RC Car and Toy-Con Fishing Rod, and then took on the Toy-Con Garage The end of the Hackathon had the students showcase their custom Toy-Cons! Check out a photo gallery of the event here.

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O.K. So we've got Nintendo promoting hacking and some kid with a Labo knife staring at his future victims. What alternative universe did I wake up in this morning? :p

I know you’re being facetious but Hackathons have nothing to do with “hacking”, despite their name.


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