Members get access to online multiplayer, a growing library of NES titles with online play, Save Data Cloud backup, and more

Nintendo’s upcoming Nintendo Switch Online service is an affordable, multi-featured paid service that lets users enjoy online play for compatible Nintendo Switch games, access a growing library of classic NES games with added online functionality, back up save data for most games, and use additional features for the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app that will enhance the online experience for compatible games.

When Nintendo Switch Online launches in the second half of September, members will have access to:

Online play in games like Splatoon 2, ARMS, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Mario Tennis Aces.

Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online, a selection of classic NES games, like Super Mario Bros. 3, The Legend of Zelda and Dr. Mario with newly added online play.

Save Data Cloud backup, which lets you save your game data online for easy access in compatible games. This makes it easy to retrieve your game data if you lose your system or start using a new one.

Plus, enhance your online experience with features available through the Nintendo Switch smartphone app and receive special offers.

Nintendo Switch owners will not be automatically charged when the service launches in the second half of September.

For more information about Nintendo Switch Online, please visit the official Nintendo Switch Online website. More details, including the exact launch date, will be announced closer to launch.

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Come the end of August we'll get another PR statement telling us that Nintendo Switch Online will launch in the last week of September.

Come September Godzllla will blast out of the sea and destroy again, just as he was always meant to.

But will he go back to the sea thereafter? A very philosophical question.

Too much emphasis on the NES part instead of something like "classic games" when talking about this.
What I fear with this is that NES games will keep coming for free, but most likely when they release SNES games or higher they are going to ask for more money...something like Nintendo Premium Online Service Deluxe.

Hope they do a Nintendo Direct and surprise us by announcing Gamecube support!

Fri Aug 10 18 12:21pm
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I guess €20 a year is justified for cloud saves...because what little else is provided doesn’t make it worth the cost to be honest. Local save backups to the MicroSD card would be swell too though.

I’m interested in more details specifically about how the cloud saves work...because from past experience with Nintendo and accounts and junk like system transfers I’m conscious of there being a catch.

back up save data for most games

This phrase bothers me. Why “most” games and not “all” games? I hope this also isn’t something that is up to the individual game to support like video clips.

I think it's more of a Pokémon problem. None of the Virtual Console, ORAS, XY, or Sun/Moon games allow for backups to the SD card so don't expect Gen VIII to allow for them either.

There’s never been a legit reason for it though.

Worried about people “hacking” saves and created super Pokemon? That happens anyways.

Along with Cloud saves I’d really like to see multiple save support for all games. I want to replay BOTW but also want to keep my current save and not create a new profile and not have the playtime logged to my main account. Shouldn’t be so hard.

Being able to back up a save, trade or transfer away Pokémon, then restore the old save with those Pokémon still on your PC or party would be a major problem. I think the only way you'd get a backup is if you're deleting the game off the Switch and it goes through some process to backup during deletion.

The save manipulation issue is why we don't have access to any save files. While systems like the Wii can be modded without save files at all, the biggest way to do it before letterbomb or Smash Stack was through Twilight Princess or practically any Lego save. 3DS has it's homebrew scene in large part to save exploits as well.

No system is going to let you back up more than one copy of the same thing. If Zelda has one file that encapsulates all the saves you'll only be able to backup that one file and any attempted copies would just overwrite the existing copy. It's not about being hard, it's about what naming convention restrictions the software has when loading external data.

I think it is cool that Sony and Microsoft both have free options to backup saves. Cloud saves are kinda cool but I have never once in my life needed a save backup. I don't care about saves of games I have already beaten, the only thing that would bother me would be losing the progress of the games I am currently playing through. I just don't see it as a big issue.

I could see something like your Splatoon character and all your levels and equipment and record being a big deal to make sure you had it backed up.because that could be a big loss.

Fri Aug 10 18 04:45pm
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Enjoy the free online play on Switch until you can, folks... We're about to hit dark times on the console multiplayer scene.

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