Gregg Mayles showcases some early King K. Rool concept art, says Donkey Kong Country's original name was Monkey Mayhem

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If you don't, I recommend following Greg Mayles, Steve Mayles and a few other older Rare staff on Twitter. They come out with some absolute gems at times when it comes to old content.

These early designs look like they would fit right into the Battletoads universe.

Monkey Mayhem??? Omfg how awesome is THAT? Smile

Glad we didn't end up with that prototype K.Rool design. I don't think he would've fit in well with DKC's design. I much prefer the fat goofy Kremling king we got today. He has SO much personality he's insane but comical at the same time. If they went with that design I could see him being a generic evil guy someone on the same level as say General Scales from Star Fox Adventures...

LOL, someone else remembers General Scales! Me and my brother joke about how lame he was, it's kind of an inside joke since no one I know has played Star Fox Adventures.

The second picture looks like something out of Looney Tunes.

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