DOOM Eternal's devs say their goal is to make 'Doomguy' faster and more powerful

DOOM Eternal looks like it's dialing up the crazy factor to 11, which is exactly what any good game of DOOM should do. In an interview with GameReactor, Creative Director Hugo Martin and Game Director Marty Stratton explained how they're revamping the 'Doomguy' to be a lot quicker this time around, and also way more powerful.

HM: "He's got a lot of new abilities. He's got a shoulder-mounted equipment launcher, which is pretty awesome. I mean, the main goal is to make him faster and more powerful, right, and so now when you shoot out equipment like grenades - and you saw the flamethrower - you don't have to take your hands off the guns; you can do it at the same time.

"Also, the Doom Blade. Not only does it look cool and adds a new visual wrinkle to the game which makes you feel awesome and they're really cool looking, they actually enable you to take out enemies faster so you can get to the point a little quicker. And one of our main goals was to provide the player with the tools to more easily take out larger demons, because there are bigger demons here and a lot more of them."

MS: "We've added the dash ability - we've removed crouch and added dash. Completely changes the feel of the game for the better. It gives you an opportunity to dash in for a glory kill, cover larger spaces. You combine that with the meat hook, the new demon grapple hook off the super shotgun: adds a whole new level of improv capability to Doom combat."

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But will there be a VR version? I just NEED to know!!!

Even more of a reason that the game(and other first person shooters) should be played in 60fps.

I’m pretty skeptical that wall climbing will make the game faster. Other than that, the game looked awesome.

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