Undertale - Switch icon

There's plenty of iconic art in Undertale, which leaves me a little disappointed that this is the Switch icon. That said, the logo in and of itself is iconic, and it certainly gets the job done!

Thanks to SteveMightSay for the heads up!

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So it's exactly like Octopath Traveler's Switch icon. Great.

Yup, Undertale, that's what it says, no doubt about it...

Wed Aug 15 18 05:40pm
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That IS the official logo art for the game. The PS4 Box is the same way because of it.

I think this icon's art warrants another video review. There's certainly a lot to be said about the blackness representing the void or mystery or something... I couldn't tell, I have no idea what this game is about, probably some tales about something that's under something other if I had to guess
Anyway, pretty excited to finally see what all the fuzz was about

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