The Messenger dev discusses the importance of nailing the game's music, potential for a physical release and other modes

The Messenger mixes 8 and 16-bit aesthetics on the fly, and that includes the music. In an interview with Dtoid, creator Thierry Boulanger talks about the importance of nailing the game's sound.

"Inauthentic music in a self-proclaimed authentic retro game is the nail in the coffin of authenticity. One of them. There’s a few nails actually. The music nail is in particular, a rather large nail. Which is why I thought it important to NAIL the music on the first try, and use tracker programs that are built around the limitations of the NES and Genesis sound chips to create The Messenger’s soundtrack as true to form as possible. It’s not as simple as slapping a 16-bit skin on an “EiGhT bIt MiDi lol” track, nay, each song was programmed in hexadecimal from the ground up, twice. Before you ask me why I like torturing myself, quite honestly the only challenge comes with composing something I’m happy with, which is a struggle no matter what program I use, so if I already wrote it once it’s only a matter of a few (hundred? thousand?) keystrokes to create a second version in a different program. No sweat."

Are you pumped for The Messenger like I am? I know I can't wait to grab a copy, and hopefully many others will do the same. Our support could make a difference for the game's future content, as well as a physical release. Boulanger says that time attack and boss rush could come to the game, and a physical release could happen, but it all depends on how well the game sells out of the gate.

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My enthusiasm for this game went from "Meh" to "Must buy" right after reading this. Legit.


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