Little Dragons Cafe creator says certain things were downgraded for the Switch version, but gameplay was improved

Monstervine sat down with Little Dragons Cafe creator Yasuhiro Wada to discuss the process of bringing the game to Switch. In the snippet below, Wada mentions that some things were 'downgraded' for the Switch version, but doesn't specify any elements in particular.

We first created the game for PS4 and PC, so we had to downgrade certain things for the Switch. We also re-arranged some play mechanics, so there are some improvements there. I feel happy that the Switch version’s gameplay has actually improved, even though we had to downgrade some things.

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Was there a point in telling this cause these graphics ain't nothing to ride home about, they should really be taking advantage of the hardware and pushing charactersl models and expressions. Gameplay looks real fun though!

Well, he didn't say it was the graphics that were downgraded.


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