RUMOR - King K. Rool's inclusion in Smash Bros. Ultimate was due to Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot results

Ever since the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot came out back in 2015, a lot of people wondered if our votes actually mattered. While that's certainly up for debate when it comes to numerous characters, it seems that fans made a difference when it came to King K. Rool.

According to a recent episode of The Kongversation, a DK Vine Podcast, a long-running inside source claims that Nintendo was blown away by the fan support for King K. Rool. They had no idea so many people would vote for him on the Fighter Ballot, thinking the character didn't have much popularity. That groundswell of support was directly responsible for getting the character revived for Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Thanks to Bellboy for the heads up!


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She earned her spot the second she was fabulous.

And I'm pretty sure she was always fabulous!

Very happy if this brings Krool back in the spotlight, tho.

I remember that ballot and voting in it. I can't remember just now who I voted for though. And wasn't there a couple of criteria for making the cut, or was it 2 polls? I think they picked the characters from Europe and American poll results. I also remember a lot of controversy around it, like that it was rigged and that some characters work had started a couple of weeks into the vote despite the poll being open for 6 months. Nintendo never published the details of the results. You can read more about it here:


It's suggested that Nintendo intended for the poll results to be used in Ultimate.

Oh joy, more fuel for conspiracy theories about how Bayonetta didn't earn her spot in Smash.

She earned her spot the second she was fabulous.

And I'm pretty sure she was always fabulous!

Very happy if this brings Krool back in the spotlight, tho.

Fri Aug 17 18 05:23am
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There's no doubt she won, it was one of the earliest and biggest campaigns.
Nintendo never specified they would wait the 6 months to determine the winner, and they clearly stated on the ballot page that results would be used on future games as well.

Damnit. That means Goku, Shrek, and Reggie are next >Sad

The Mii fighters should be based off Reggie, Iwata and Sakurai 😂

I thought this was pretty obvious......

Fri Aug 17 18 09:07am
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Yeah, it comes as a surprise to me too. K.Rool is a very long overdue character and Rares take on the DK series is the most beloved incarnation among fans.

Fri Aug 17 18 05:24am
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This is more than obvious, it's the only reason Shovel Knight is in the game.

I feel like this has also affected the third game in the new DKC series.

I'm pretty sure it has. No way after the amount of votes in the ballot, the amount of views the reveal trailer has on youtube (more than any other Smash Ultimate newcomer so far), the amount of K.Rool fanart that has exploded, and the fact that K.Rool was #1 trending on Twitter in Japan the day he was revealed. No way Nintendo ignores all of that and make yet ANOTHER group of lame one-off enemies (well the Tikis and the Jungle Beat characters were lame, Snowmads are pretty cool and wouldn't mind seeing them in a future game as the enemies of like a snow world or something). Pretty sure K.Rool is back and here to stay. Hell I could even see K.Rool appearing in more Mario spin-offs now too alongside DK and Diddy.

I don't find this surprising at all, in fact that's the immediate impression I got when he was revealed. Without the massive fan support, if they were to add a new DK character, they'd have picked something a lot more currently relevant like Dixie or Cranky or even Funky before K.Rool.

Fri Aug 17 18 10:03am
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Whether a villain wins a spotlight or not doesn't matter if he is the important one in the IP. I mean if bowser wasn't popular, does it make sense for Mario to have different villains.

Rool is the main villain of the dk IP. To replace him with a bunch of boring bad guys is absurd

Agreed. I can't believe I see some people online talking about "K.Rool doesn't deserve to be in Smash Bros." the ignorance is astounding when I read those comments. Why because he missed 2 main games (3 depending if you count Jungle Beat). I guess when Bowser didn't appear in Super Mario Land, Land 2, and SMB2 USA it was over Bowser isn't the main villain anymore even though his appearances as the main villain GREATLY outweigh the times he wasn't just like K.Rool.

Or how about Ganondorf he's in Smash and I don't see people complaining about his inclusion. Ganondorf only appeared in Ocarina, Wind Waker, and Twilight Princess. Then went on a LONG hiatus until he returned in Hyrule Warriors (a spin-off game) yes I know "Ganon" and Ganondorf are technically the same but you get my point the human version that's used in Smash that goes by the name Ganondorf has only appeared in like 4 games yet to many "he's more worthy than K.Rool" if anything Pig Ganon would've been the better pick to represent Ganon IMO.

Also I agree that the groups of enemies that have come and gone are forgettable for the most part. HOWEVER I would like to see the Snowmads appear as enemies in a snow world in the next DKC game. I liked them even though their leader Lord Fredrick was literally just a K.Rool knockoff.

Well he's always been in my top 3 so I'm happy they listened to fans. I've always wanted Simon Belmont as well. Now if we can somehow get Banjo & Kazooie my top 3 will be complete.


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