Fan-Art: What would The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time be like on the Game Boy Advance?

I always think about what games would be like if they were released on other platforms. If Nintendo ever decided to actually do this, I'd definitely love to give it a go!

Thanks to MarioCheated for the heads up!

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Jesus, the salt from people here....

Kind of lame. The Oracle games had much better openings compared to this.

hyrule denizen
Sat Aug 18 18 08:36pm
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...The hell was that supposed to be? That barely resemblied ocarina of time at all

It was a little fan-art project several elements from OOT! I found it kinda cool, really KNOWING it's some cool fan stuff! No shame in that.

hyrule denizen
Sat Aug 18 18 09:53pm
Rating: 2

i get that its a fan project, but that was fairly low effort...maybe mid range. The temple of time was fine, but the rest was barely close. i just feel like if you're going to promote it as a "remake" of it, you'd get as close as you could.

If i had a program or a way to make it easily enough, i'd do my best to remake it as closely as i could

But it was never meant to be a remake, just a little fan-project. It'll never be even close to a game. Temple of time and the beginning...Perhaps some small stuff were fun. But just a little fan fun!

hyrule denizen
Sun Aug 19 18 12:50am
Rating: 1

i understand that its a fan project and that's not meant to be a playable game at all, but my point is that why make/use sprites that look like ocarina of time...call it ocarina of time de-make , make the temple of time look so close then just throw stuff around willy nilly?

Guess there are several reasons for that. Like they aren't professionals and/or they never finished but wanted to show it of.

Seems like they just had some fun. It's not the end of the world Smile

i wasn't trying to say it was the end of the world, but if you're going to show a project that has a famous name and a famous layout, why would you stop where they did? It had a lot promise. The temple of time looked great, even adding in the light coming in from the windows, the music was great, the two bridges.

It just seems like them flailing their arms trying to get their youtube channel noticed instead of putting out a project that they could truly be proud of. The town, Hyrule field and the dude at the end with the song made no sense when you;re trying to convey that its a "demake" of ocarina of time.

i'm not trying to sound like a major nitpicker, people can do as they please. It doesn't take money out of my pocket, barely takes up any time out of my day, doesn't do me any mental or physical harm... again, it just feels as if they're flailing trying to get noticed, but not putting out a project where their whole heart went into it. Its like an iphone game that gets the title close to the game and uses assets of it...but doesn't quite put things the way they should be so they can avoid copyright claims

Sun Aug 19 18 10:50am
Rating: 1

True, but that doesn't protect it from criticism. That title screen was about as low effort as you can get. They could have at least looked at the Oracle games openings or Four swords adventures animations for Epona.

Oh I wasn't protecting it from criticism. I saw a lot of bad there, but still don't think people should get so pissed at what's obviously an amature fun fan-art project. Hey! Maybe they read this and make it better (before Nintendo's ninjas execute them).

Jesus, the salt from people here....


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