SEGA wanted to make a Metroid game, but Nintendo turned the proposal down

Well here's a crazy tidbit well worth its own post! The other day, we shared snippets from an interview with SEGA's Toshiro Nagoshi. He talked about working on Super Monkey Ball, as well as F-Zero GX. In the blurb about F-Zero GX, we find out that SEGA had interest in working on a Metroid game, but it seems the pitch never went anywhere.

...while we made a few proposals - Metroid for instance, and others - I was most confident in making a driving game because of my experience in the genre, though I'd never make a sci-fi one.

I can't even begin to imagine what a SEGA-developed Metroid would have been like. All I know is I still want to see it happen!

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Id much rather SEGA spend their resources bringing back their own older IP that is not called Sonic over worrying about Nintendo's IP.

*Sees Sega's history with games

*Sees that Nintendo let Team Ninja make a Metroid game

*Sees that Team Ninja weren't primarily the problem

I'll allow it

Well Sega do have a lot of experience with protagonists that turn into spheres...

SEGA can barely get their own IPs right, why on Earth would they be trusted with someone else's? Given their history, I now look back on F-ZERO GX as nothing short of a small miracle and even then it was still controversial because of how goofy hard it was.

This is the dude who ran Amusement Vision, they had a great track record. -FZero, Monkey Ball, Yakuza, just to name a few. (They became the modern Yakuza team)

It's just Sonic Team that have been screwing up Sonic. I don't know if any other team or IP have been doing poorly under SEGA.

That would imply that Sega cares about anything other than Sonic.

They have some teams who are trying. They have been expanding development as well. The issue is SEGA Sammy doesn't necessarily need to care about SEGA games first and foremost because they also have their mobile, arcade, amusement, resort, production, etc. divisions. So if Sonic makes that division money, what is there to make management put more resources into expanding development further?

If you’re living in Japan.......

Considering all of SEGA's management lives in Japan, yes if you, as in SEGA's management, lives in Japan.

Yeah and that’s where international fans got screwed over the most. Shining fans learned that the hard way.

Much rather SEGA make another F-Zero game than a Metroid title...

Id much rather SEGA spend their resources bringing back their own older IP that is not called Sonic over worrying about Nintendo's IP.

When you see what they did with F-Zero GX, it could have been great. Sega, too have made bad games. We'll never know what might have been. Nintendo let many franchises just lie dormant for long periods of time. Metroid is a good example of this.

Sega is guilty of shoving other franchises in the back in favor of sonic.

I agree with both of you here: we have no way of knowing how it would have turned out, but I definitely would have given it a chance.

Seeing that they gave the franchise to retro to do their thing, I don't envy the timeline in which the series was given to Sega one bit

Right: if this development would have cancelled that, then no dice!

would result in a much glitchier other M, that has more oob than the prime games combined, i can see why they turned that down.

What does "more oob" mean? I just can't figure it out.

Haha, here are some good suggestions:

Haha yeah I looked up all that stuff and on urban dictionary. I'm sure he's not saying it would have more "Off Off Broadway" than the Prime trilogy combined, but what do I know? Maybe he is.

"more out of bounds", like in metroid prime you can go outside the game to a black void in a ton of different places.

Oh, I understand now! Thanks for explaining. You rock!

(LAUGHS) Good move Nintendo! Retro Studios does it better! LOL

Sun Aug 19 18 03:58pm
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For better or worse I'd have seen Sega give it go rather than wait 7 years for a new Metroid.

"What about a Starfox racing game?"

As far as I can remember, Amusement Vision (who developed F-Zero GX) was a fairly capable studio with little to no bad games in their track record. They did after all made the Virtua Strikers games which were loads of fun, the original Super Monkey Ball games which were both great, and then F-Zero GX/AX, all within a few years. The Studio wasn't the problem, Sega's Japanese management has more often been the real issue.

I'm thinking this was during the GameCube era. They probably said no to Sega about Metroid because Retro was already doing it.

It probably would've been Yakuza: Metroid Edition instead of Ninja Gaiden: Metroid Edition.

It's not just more Sonic games that's causing trouble. It's quality that is the main problem.

I'm sure that most of Nintendo's franchises are similar and we just don't here about them but it feels like there's just a huge graveyard of rejected Metroid proposals lying at the bottom of a pit that we sometimes get glimpses of.

Mon Aug 20 18 01:48am
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Forget Sega-made Metroid, what the people want is Nintendo-made Sonic. I'm not even a Sonic fan, but I would love to see what the Super Mario Odyssey team could do with the series.


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