Grandia I and II HD remasters coming to Switch

Gungho has revealed that both Grandia I and II are going to get HD remasters for the Switch, and they'll see release sometime this Winter. Fans will be able to get an early hands-on with the Grandia II HD Remaster at PAX West 2018.

Thanks to Jabel47591 for the heads up!


Mon Aug 20 18 04:03pm
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This is an amazing announcement!

I did not play them but I've heard they are great games. When the first one came out I was playing Skies of Arcadia.

I've played Grandia 2, and it's pretty good. I've heard the original Grandia is great, too.

Mon Aug 20 18 05:33pm
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These were on Dreamcast right? I am very interested, I need to see footage though.

Mon Aug 20 18 05:49pm
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Only Grandia II was on Dreamcast. The original Grandia began life as a Sega Saturn game (Japan only), and was later ported (very poorly) to the PS1 and published by Sony in North America.

Both games are excellent JPRGs. The original Grandia has the better characters and story, but Grandia II has the better more polished battle engine. And it's arguably the greatest battle engine ever in a JRPG.

Ah okay thanks, Ill certainly look into picking this up.
Also... I mean the best battle system in a JRPG is Xenoblade's.

Mon Aug 20 18 07:11pm
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Correct developer, wrong game: the best JRPG battle system is Baten Kaitos's.

Ah man, I've never got the chance to try it when it came out... hearing non stop praise about it just makes me want it THAT much more [sequel, remaster or at least a virtual console straight port] on Switch

Okay, first of all,thank you for reminding me that I still can't find a copy of that game... anywhere :/. Also I have seen footage of that game, looks great but, I mean no. Xenoblade is still better. I HAVE played Xenosaga, I do like its battle system but there certainly are much better turn based systems out there (SMT 4, Persona 5, Bravely, Octopath, to name a few)

Glad I could help.

As for the battle system, between the good ones it's a matter of personal preference, but I will say two things regarding my preference. First, I could never wrap my head around Xenoblade's battle system enough to feel I knew how to approach each enemy or boss. I'd have to have a few levels' more experience and power through.

Second, I just finished Earthlock last week. The final boss took forever, and wasn't fun. I spent most of the time downing my best potions, of which I had hundreds, because the item limit was 999. The final boss of Baten Kaitos probably took longer, at least an hour of actual time, yet at no time did I think the battle dragged. I was enthralled the whole time. I've never been as satisfied in victory. Hence my evaluation.

Which reminds me. I should get around to the prequel. You'd probably have a hard time finding that, too. 😋

Oh I've been dreading finding Origins.
Xenoblade is definitely harder to figure out than most battle systems but once you do it feels great (in all 3 games) and offers a lot of varied situations and possibilities. It certainly is the most strategic action based battle system in any game I have played.


Grandia 2 might not be worth graphically but it's still a nice game.

Great, I would also love to see a Skies of Arcadia HD release someday. Smile

Never finished it after my mom formatted our PC and I lost my save file at the battle vs the end boss.


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