Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - content update for Aug. 21st, 2018

[Animals] Three new Animals have arrived: Gaston (vision tester), Kidd (digital camera & tripod), and Elise (copy machine). (no end date)

[Shovelstrike Quarry] For a limited time, you can get civic essence from the Shovelstrike Quarry (but only when the icon is displayed on the map) (available until August 28th)

[Goals] A new set of Timed Goals is now live: “Host the Most” (available until August 28th)


I don't want to be too much of a Salty Sammy, but this game perfect stormed me right out of it. It was fun for the first several months, but it's kind of reached a point where it requires just far too much commitment and grinding compared to even the more traditional AC games.

It feels like there's a new multi-day event every other week (sometimes to the point where they overlap). The grind to level up friendships feels never ending, on top of the new characters added every few weeks. And none of this is helped with how expensive everything is when you want to use Leaf Tickets.

As someone who was super excited for Pocket Camp and can appreciate how far AC has come since the GCN days, I'm just ready to slink back into an AC I can play at my own pace again...

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