Miyamoto has no interest in creating an MMORPG

Shigeru Miyamoto has had a hand in creating some of the game industry's most memorable game franchises and unique gameplay experiences. He's had titles that fall into the platformer, adventure, puzzle, simulation, and sports genres, plus many others. Just don't ever expect him to create an MMORPG. Miyamoto shared these words during his 2018 Computer Entertainment Developers Conference.

“A few years ago, when MMORPGs were coming into fashion, I didn’t want to make one. Since I get tired of things easily, I don’t want to keep making one game.”

Miyamoto says MMORPGs requite constant attention and updating, which is a big reason why he's not interested in making one. He likes to move onto new projects to create something different, rather than constantly working on the same experience.

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Wed Aug 22 18 02:58pm
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Honestly don’t think he’d even make a good one if he tried.

His creativity wouldn’t suit an MMO. As he said himself, he like to move onto new ideas. If he tried to funnel that into an MMO it’d become a Frankensteins Monster of a game.

That said - I’m still holding out for Nintendo and Pokemon Co. to create the Pokemon MMO 😜

To be honest I really don't see Nintendo's style of gameplay translating that well into the MMORPG format

Pikmin 4 mmorpg confirmed. You heard it here first.

If what people say about Nintendo's online being bad for decades is true, then it would be a total waste of time and money to do an mmorpg.


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