Super Mario Party does not support the Switch Pro Controller

I don't think this is a big surprise, but I'm guessing a few people will be upset with this news. It has been confirmed that Super Mario Party will not support the Switch Pro Controller. If you want to play this game, you'll have to use the Switch Joy-Con, and nothing else. You have to keep the fight fair between your opponents!

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Thu Aug 23 18 08:36am
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It IS on the BOX, an ICON of the Pro controller if the game supports the Pro controller. (Also noted in the game's discription in the eShop) This is also stated in the user manual of the Switch AND the Pro Controller.

Also since Day ONE there has been a game that doesn't support the pro controller:

1-2 Switch.

How annoying; I have a few friends who refuse to use the joy-cons because they're so small.

While a huge shame, I do understand that decision if a huge portion of the game uses teh JoyCon functionalities specifically. And to keep things fair, I assume, they are simply not working with the. I prefer using my Pro, but yeah.

Can someone give me an example of something the joycons can do that the pro controller can't?

The pro controller doesn't have an IR Camera.

None of the minigames use the IR Camera.

From what we've seen, anyway. It wouldn't make sense to, because only 1 joycon has it so the game's set-up would depend on who holds what controller. That's not how Mario Party has ever worked, in the main board game anyway.

- Give your hands cramp.
- Annoy and irritate you.
- Cost more.

If you look at a lot of the minigames, even though the pro controller has motion, it just wouldn't make sense using it given the shape of the controller. Like holding it like a paddle to make a rowing motion, rotating both ends of the controller separately to ride a tricycle, ect.

I'm most curious to know if this game supports handheld mode at all.

But, can you play the game in handheld mode?

Well probably not then, if you need to actively use the motion controls, its so lame. Its like we got catapulted back to the wii era after last years amazing games that you could play any way you want. Be it pro controller, joycons or a combination of such in multiplayer.

Handheld mode is out of the question then sadly, who thought it would be a good idea to make a game that you cant play handheldmode style on a handheld..

I couldn't care less about the game myself. I did, however, read numerous people saying they wouldn't buy this game unless it had Pro Controller support. If it was a game I liked, I'd find this very annoying. I consider the Joy-Cons to be little pieces of crap. The Pro Controller is infinitely better and more comfortable. It's not cheap either though, €80. Only for Nintendo to slap people in the face and say it won't work with certain games. If they're going to do this, they should put a warning on the box of the Pro Controller, advising customers that it's not compatible with all software. So if you want to play multiplayer, some people will have to spend another €90 on the little türds that are the Joy-Cons.

Thu Aug 23 18 08:36am
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It IS on the BOX, an ICON of the Pro controller if the game supports the Pro controller. (Also noted in the game's discription in the eShop) This is also stated in the user manual of the Switch AND the Pro Controller.

Also since Day ONE there has been a game that doesn't support the pro controller:

1-2 Switch.

Ya, but it's not prominent and it's on the back of the box. The eShop warning is no good for physical purchases and the average consumer isn't so savvy to know the controller doesn't work with all games. The Pro Controller features prominently in Nintendo's ads. They don't say "Woah, hang on there though folks, this might not work with all games."

I don't think there's any excuse here for not being able to use the Pro Controller. You can play the game using a single gammy Joy-Con. The Switch Pro Controller can easily replicate that. If you had to use the 2 Joy-Cons per player and move them independently then it would be fair enough, but that's not the case.

It's not the first time Nintendo have made a fudge of the controls either. Mario Party 10 on Wii U wouldn't let players use the Pro controller either. You had to use the gamepad and Wii remotes. That's right, you couldn't use a current controller, you had to buy the previous generation controller. That's petarded. There was something else I wanted to say but got distracted and have forgotten. Oh well, maybe later.

That's a bit disingenuous. For all intents and purposes the Wii Remote is considered part of the accessory lineup for Wii U as well. Not only were the Wii Remote boxes rebranded in line with the same materials used for Wii U specific devises and software but they also had little stickers that said "also compatible with Wii" as at the time of Wii U's market presence Nintendo had since moved forward with that platform as Wii became a legacy platform so while Wii hardware and software were being slowly phased out Wii Remote product continued at least until the Wii U started being phased out as well as Switch began to come into the marketplace.

Thu Aug 23 18 08:40am
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It’s not like this is the first game to be incompatible with the Pro Controller. Just at launch there were at least 3 titles incompatible with the Pro Controller (Just Dance 2017, Voez & 1-2-Switch). All games will let you know whether they are and aren’t compatible with the Pro Controller on it’s eShop description and to be fair 95-99% of titles are compatible with your Pro Controller.

If developers feel like they will stifle their game’s approach by making these titles work with the Pro Controller, they shouldn’t feel obligated to shoehorn that support in. Like imagine the ingenuity a title like Nintendo Labo would lose if they were forced to also be compatible with a Pro Controller.

Funny enough, even Labo is in fact compatible with the Pro, but only for navigating the Tutorials and menus.

Shaq won't be picking this one up now.

Well, that made my buying decision easier

Thu Aug 23 18 09:25am
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I got no issues using Joy-Cons. I can see why Pro won’t be useable for this game.

Thu Aug 23 18 09:25am
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It's a game made with the joy-cons in mind for the party nature of it, so.... LIKE DUH!

Can see why there's whining, game's made to work with the Joy-Cons. If you weren't gonna buy the game due to a controller set-up, regarding all the hype information for the game, you weren't buying it in the first place.

What if own 2 joy-con and 2 pro controllers? I'd have to make an additional $80 purchase just to have a 4-player game of Mario Party. The game would effectively cost $140 +tax to have its full functionality.

That's a serious impact on whether I buy it or not.

Thu Aug 23 18 12:20pm
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Mario Party 10 did not support the Wii U Pro Controller either. Every console Mario Party since 8 has has motion controls as integral part to many of the minigames, in particular mimicking hand actions that can't be performed with a two handed controller lest the experience become awkward at best or unplayable at worst.

Now, even if you haven't played any Mario Party in a long time, this should've become evident through trailers and demonstrations. Pretending to use a frying pan or rowing a boat with a two handed controller would be very, very awkward to play with.
Putting Pro Controller support would either implicate gimping or locking out a good chunk of the minigames and modes, and giving an alternate control option would be giving an unfair advantage to players since mashing buttons is easier than performing physical movements.

Because no one ever paddles a boat or uses a frying pan with two hands? What are you talking about? The pro controller has the exact same functionality and motion sensitivity as a joy-con, and it's not like it's heavy or difficult to hold at any angle. It's not the WiiU gamepad.

Neither the pro controller or joycon would need to be gimped at all for this game. But even if they had to design an alternate button-dependent control scheme, they've already shown this can work with Arms. ARMS! A game intended to be competitive with precise motion controls!

Because replicating said motions with a large two grip controller is just awkward, and most importantly not fun to play with. Of course you can theoretically play a motion controls bowling game with the Pro Con for example, but would most people want to or even enjoy it?
That's the point you're missing.

Furthermore, ARMS is a competitive game, and thus depends more in strategy than actual action. Mashing buttons or flailing around aimlessly is not going to get you to victory. When your objective is much more simple and is more dependent on direct action than planning, you begin to introduce an unfair advantage to players if "Swing your bat!", "Row to the finish!", "Shake the soda can!" or similar objectives can be achieved by some players, but not all with button presses instead of physical movement.

I'd rather play those games with a pro controller than have to sit out completely because my friend doesn't own enough joy-cons, or doesn't have them charged, or my hands are too big, or any number of other obstacles. Party games should be as easily accessible as possible. That's my point.

I agree only button inputs wouldn't work well for Mario Party, but the Pro Controller has motion controls and HD rumble that work the exact same as the joy-con. I've played motion-control heavy games with it and not found it awkward at all. So I don't see the weight of that argument, and I think making a broad-appeal game like this only for the specific shape of a joy-con, when it's not Labo or some other real-world integration, is pointlessly narrow game design.

Thu Aug 23 18 03:19pm
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Those other "obstacles" can also exist with a Pro Controller so it's not like they somehow are exclusive to joycons. You can bring your own joycons if your friend doesn't have enough. Every Switch comes with 2. Some people find the Pro Controller too big for example.

Now, on the second point it's all dependent on the game and you cannot say the use of motion controls on Splatoon, or ARMS is the same as in Just Dance, or Labo. The latter are specifically designed with the abilities and shape of the Joycon in mind, which the Pro Controller cannot offer and the same can be said about Mario Party.
Perhaps you'll be fine with it, but to most people it'd be awkward and alien to replicate said gestures with a two handled game controller. To remove the motion control mini games would also be narrowing game design, and in no way is it limiting accessibility since they're using the controller the system comes with out of the box. Two of which in fact.

And finally, all this argument is ignoring the major fact that the Pro Controller, much like its predecessor the Classic Controller was always positioned as a secondary control method and no developer is forced to use it in their software if they don't want to or doesn't fit their game.

Can the game be played with a pair of joy-cons or just a single joy-con?

I played it at Gamescom and asked the staff member the same question. Apparently, it's only possible to play with one JoyCon, since the game is designed around it. So, if you want to play with four people simultaneously, you'll need four JoyCon.

Take the frying pan minigame, for example. It's made with one JoyCon in mind. Wouldn't really work with a pair of them, or - to address other people's no-pro-controller-issue - any controller that's held with both hands.

Anyway, after testing the game, I'm totally convinced of its potential.

Look as long as it doesn't involve the palm of my hand getting blisters, I don't care what the default controller is

Ah yes... good times with the N64 original!

guess i will cancel my pre order then, why on earth would nintendo think it would be a great idea to make a game for more or less a handheld that you basically cant play in handheld mode.

So plain/train or busride play is pretty much out of the question then.

I know some folks are quick to react, but this one doesnt feel so controversial once you get past the initial shock. Heck, the system comes WITH two Joy-Cons, and there's gonna be a Joy-Con bundle later in the year.

That said, an option to sort games by available controller functions would be a good middle ground. They WERE able to do that in Mario Party 6(?) with the microphone.

What kills me is this is a party game, you want to make it as easy to play in as many configurations as possible. Smash for WiiU supported every controller type under the sun, including wiimotes+nunchuck, classic controllers, and the goddang 3DS.

Meanwhile this is a tentpole Nintendo party game for the Switch that only had 2 official controller types to design for, and they couldn't even get that right.

mario party on wii and wii u only uses wii motes.

and smash bros. is not a party game!

I'm pretty sure that anyone that took a quick glance at the minigames would've been able to tell this. Try simulating a frying pan with the Pro Controller and see how poorly that'd go out.

This is one very dumb non-complaint.

I am least bothered. I love the joy cons and as long as they don't do anything stupid to then, then why bother ranting about them in the first place?

And NOBODY whine about Just Dance ONLY having Joy-Cons support!

But I see that that game let you use you phone too, BUT I still think that a Joy-Con can do more than my phone can

So the whiners want Nintendo to support their phones then, otherwise the should whine for Just Dance too for not having Pro Controller support

Every Switch owner has two joy-con so this is not an issue in the slightest.

It's not if you only play Mario Party 2-player.

Thu Aug 23 18 02:23pm
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Are you seriously implying that the concept of buying additional controllers to play a multiplayer game with other people is appalling and unheard of?

I've already bought additional, official Nintendo Switch controllers for multiplayer games. With all the same functionality of joy-cons except IR. But apparently now they're not the right shape or whatever.

Thu Aug 23 18 03:58pm
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It's not the first time Nintendo has made official controllers that aren't the right shape for certain games. Nor the second. Nor the third.

None of those are analogues to the current pro controller. The Wii Classic controller didn't have pointer controls. The WiiU Pro and Pokken controllers didn't have gyros in them or a touchscreen to be 1:1 in features with the WiiU gamepad (and the WiiU controller situation confused consumers in general). The rest are peripherals obviously intended for specific games only.

The Switch pro is marketed as a general purpose controller, compatible with every (non-1-2-Switch) game since launch and BotW, and the only way it isn't 1:1 with a joy-con is it doesn't attach to the console and has no IR camera. Unless you can point to a Mario Party minigame that requires those things, we're not going to see eye to eye here.

And the Switch Pro Controller is neither a 1:1 functionality match with the Joycons (Being able to separate and operated individually are a major point) nor are they marketed/meant to completely replace them, else "Compatible with the Switch Pro Controller" wouldn't be a bullet point in the boxes/eshop pages of games that support it.

Well I'll probably pass on this one until I can pickup 2 more joy cons. Maybe this is strategy from Nintendo to get people to buy more $70 joy cons.

*shrugs* is neither the first game to use only joy cons and won't be the last one.

43 comments!? Come on I bet half of you who are complaining about this weren't even THAT interested in the game to begin with (where were all of these comments during gameplay footage of Super Mario Party?) a lot of you just want to bitch and complain just to bitch and complain...

As someone who owns 4 pairs of Joy-con (8 in total) and RARELY use my pro controller (prefer Joy-con in the grip) this makes no difference to me. Got my copy pre-ordered and am ready to go!

super kevio
Thu Aug 23 18 04:55pm
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Only Joy Con support and no Pro Controller support? I guess this means there are more Cons than Pros to Mario Party 😂

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