GoNintendo Video Review - Morphies Law (with special guest!)

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Morphie's Law, this freaky warpy arena shooter, is plainly good. The constant growing and shrinking is less of a gameplay consequence than you might hope, but it sure is fun to look at. Now if only they could fix the jumpy jaggy network connections; for now, playing against the AI is where you can taste the game's long-term potential. A patch for the game is on the way.

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I love this young man.

Thanks Austin, that was a great little review. I like your style and the weirdness/goofiness of your editing. Also I like that you have the standpoint of a regular dude on games and you don't try to sound like a super elaborate video-game critic, which we have a ton of around the internet anyway. And which we've observed, have a tendency to all end up being the same and sharing the same opinions, very much because they are done using the same methodology. Kevin's reviews and your own are good examples that difference in style leads to difference in content and that yes, form does have an impact on substance.

So anyway thank you for that ! Love VG Wham too.

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