King K. Rool fans gather to send a thank-you to Masahiro Sakurai for the character's inclusion in Smash Bros. Ultimate

You know, you hear so much talk about the negativity from Smash Bros. fans that you become jaded. You start to think the internet is just out to cause trouble and bring people down. Then something like this comes along. Tons and tons of Smash Bros. Ultimate fans who worked together to send Sakurai a thank-you note about King K. Rool being included in Smash Bros. Ultimate. I certainly hope he sees these tweets and special artwork. I'm sure it would make his day!

Thanks to Bkupa666 for the heads up!


I've no doubt someone will pass on the message to Sakurai if he doesn't see it himself first.

LONG LIVE THE KING BABY! All us Ballot Supporters brought back one of Nintendo's greatest and most underrated villains back from the brink of obscurity. I wish I could've been on the list but alas I missed my opportunity when the thread was open on Smashboards.

Oh damn. Castlevania fans, we need to bake him a cake or something.

Mon Aug 27 18 12:14am
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It still baffles me as to why retro didn't bring him to the games. Really....it's odd.


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