Smash Bros. Ultimate is Amazon's best-selling game of 2018 based off preorders alone

Wow, incredible! Looks like Nintendo is going to have a very big holiday season ahead of them, thanks to Smash Bros. Ultimate. Over on Amazon's best-selling games of 2018, the very first piece of software to make the list is Smash Bros. Ultimate. As you know, those sales are all in preorder numbers, as the game itself isn't available. We're still months out from release! I can't imagine how many more units the game will sell through before it launches, but I think the sky's the limit!


Everybody's getting their orders in before the 20% preorder discount goes away.

If I bought physical copies still I definitely would've pre-ordered but I'm waiting for it to go on the eshop in a few months.

Wow, better than Spider-Man and Red Dead Redemption 2?! interesting...


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