Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP will not feature Twitter support on Switch, developer cite's Twitter's toxic nature as the reason

Back when Swords & Sworcery originally released, all dialogue was limited to 145 characters. Any piece of dialog or commentary in the game could be sent to your Twitter account. This feature has been removed for the Switch port, as Capybara Games says Twitter is now a "vat of toxic waste" that they want nothing to do with.


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Tue Aug 28 18 06:15pm
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An announcement that they are making via Twitter.

I don’t know why developers bother to say stuff like this. It’s the complete opposite of endearing. All it does it make me not want to buy their game.

That's immediately what I thought. Just remove it and say nothing or just say it wasn't a good fit. Easy answer and no one can talk shit.

I don't blame them, although taking screens and uploading them to Twitter should be doable. If they had facebook support in it as well I'd actually be hoping they'd axe that too since I argue facebook is worse

Tue Aug 28 18 06:02pm
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This is the internet in general these days. Even this site has become more toxic the last years. Dtoid seems to keep it up pretty good, but I see tendencies there also.

But, on the other hand, this is a great site so I should not look at the dark side of things.

Cheap devs that want to cut a time or money consuming feature can just come up with a progressive-sounding excuse and get away with it.

Unethical, but effective tactic.

Tue Aug 28 18 06:15pm
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An announcement that they are making via Twitter.

Tue Aug 28 18 06:26pm
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It's all about context. They need social media to promote, but they're not wrong. Twitter, FB, etc.. are vats of toxic waste.

They do allow you to block which should clear up a lot of the toxicity.

Solution? Bring back Miiverse. Or whatever new version and name Nintendo want to call it.

Miiverse was a train wreck and an inclusive platform, so people who didn't own a Switch would never see it and be interested to buy one.

It was used to create a community for Wii U owners and their games. It was also a good way to promote games on the platform for people who already owned the system.

Like if someone posted a cool screenshot of the a game plus some comment it might get more people to want to buy that game.

It was a big mess because of a lack of quality control on Nintendo's part.

Haha. Respeck. Social media was a massive mistake for society. I'm not playing anymore.

*Reddit doesn't count. I'm anonymous and talking to strangers about similar interests that real friends and family don't share on there, not competing over who has a better life with former coworkers and family I never see.

Message boards and forums are social media. Just cause your name is anonymous doesn't make it any less social if you're speaking on it. Any form of discussion is social. I think what you don't like is that certain companies are in charge of regulating how and what we talk about.

I mean, they're not wrong. I can think of a few reasons it's gotten worse over the last couple years, but still isn't going to change that it's a toxic waste dump. (But it is where I find most of my game deals, so... meh.)

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