Sony CEO says they block Fortnite cross-play with Switch/Xbox One because 'Playstation is the best place to play'


Well, this is the most straightforward and honest answer Sony has given as to why they block cross-platform play on Fortnite. PS4 players cannot play with Xbox One/Switch players, while Xbox One and Switch can play together no problem. Sony has addressed this before, but now Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida has given the most succinct answer yet.

"On cross-platform, our way of thinking is always that PlayStation is the best place to play. Fortnite, I believe, partnered with PlayStation 4 is the best experience for users, that's our belief.”

I mean, other answers from Sony have been more diplomatic, but I guess Yoshida felt like cutting to the chase this time!

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Really? That's the best excuse that you can come up with Sony?

Fri Aug 31 18 02:10pm
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You've heard 'em! That is going to be the blanket statement for the big honchos at Sony's on not having cross-play for any given title...

red knight
Fri Aug 31 18 02:12pm
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He was better off saying no comment... Sony is the best place to play PlayStation exclusives. Everything else can be played on superior hardware with far better pro consumer features.

HAHAHAHAHA what the heck. It's like Sony wants to be unlikable. Good God, a little humility would be nice. I'll still buy Spiderman though, because that's definitely best on Playstation 4.

Such arrogance, where will it take the company I wonder..

There is a slight charm on the trollish logic of that statement, not entirely unlike all those memetic boastful showoffs.

Only slight though.

Fri Aug 31 18 02:31pm
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Was I supposed to take that as a serious response?

*Edit- I've been wanting to get a PS4 (mostly just for Kingdom hearts), but this is putting me off a bit. The PS4 hasn't even managed to outdo the switch in terms of games I find to be fun and worth my time.

Heck, I'm getting Kingdom Hearts for XB1X. Is a great system and Microsoft are very positive towards Nintendo. I love owning both systems. I wish Square-Enix put more games out for XB1X, but other than that I never miss having a PS4.

You’ll still get a PS4

Not likely, but alright.

This is one Hell of a kindergarden statement.

Sony does what Nintendid. Wait well you get the idea. Like Nintendo Sony has been on the top now for 3 generations actually I think 4 or did Xbox beat PS1? Well either way like Nintendo being head honcho back during NES and SNES eras they probably think they can do no wrong. Kinda like how EA and Activision behave. They know that their Madden and COD franchises will always sell to the same people. As long as they dont attack them they feel theyre golden.

Xbox lost against the Ps2, the Ps1 era was against N64 and Saturn. On the console scene only the Ps3 wasn't leader of the generation.

Good for you Sony! I'm gonna put this statement right on the fridge! So all the wittle consumers can see how awesome you are! Yes yoo are! Yes yoo are!


It’s good to have pride in your company and platform, but there are times when that pride needs to be swallowed.

This 'reason' doesn't even make sense. Whatever the best platform is, it can still allow cross platform play. I just don't see how one leads to the other.

Isn't the real reason that they want all the people who play Fortnite on PS4 to tell their friends who are looking to get a console, "make sure you get a PS4 so we can play Fortnite together."?

I don't play Fortnite so I didn't really appreciate how big a deal this is but I was talking to some people in my extended family a few weeks ago and they were talking about Fornite and between all of them they played together using Switch, Xbox, and PC.

I think this is really bad for Sony it hurts their reputation with me a lot even though I don't even care about Fortnite. I just can't think of a non jerkish reason for them to have this policy. I remember when Sony came out with videos making fun of Microsoft after Microsoft first announced the Xbox One like "How you share games with your friends on PS4", where they were making fun of Xbox. It would be funny to see videos now from Microsoft about how you play Fortnite with your friends on Xbox One and it shows them playing with people on a lot of different systems.

Oh wow. I hope the hubris isn't lost on him. At least it's a bluntly honest answer for once.

Sony is the best place to play because it lacks a feature other consoles have? That logic tho.

I'm no fan of Sony but look at his statement, it's true what he says. And he didn't write it in absolutes, he said, "our way of thinking", "I believe" and "that's our belief". Anyway, back to what I was saying, it's true what he said, Fortnite does look and perform better on PS4 compared to Switch. Online? Are we even going to debate this? It's Nintendo. You see how far behind they are and the stick they get every day of the week.

Sure, it smacks a bit of arrogance, but I remember Nintendo being like that when they were king of the castle. They still are arrogant in some ways. PS4 has a userbase well over x3 that of Switch. Even with XB1 and Switch combined, the PS4 still has about a 25 million advantage. Sony don't have to or need to share their toys, they're in the dominant position. I think if Nintendo or Microsoft were in Sony's shoes they'd do the exact same thing.

I've been boycotting Sony for more than a decade due to their customer support being absolute jerks to me on the phone, and calling me a liar.

The CEO's comments don't surprise me. They are there attitude of the company I will not buy their hardware, be it camera, Blu Ray player, TV, or Playstation.

There are plenty of games out there, I don't need Sony, there is plenty to play without them.

Happy to be Sony free!

Remember how the PS4 was meant to be the messiah of Gen8?

Welp, arrogant Sony is back, everyone. Hope all that hysteria and "hype" was worth it.


This proves that the PlayStation is the only thing making profit for them. Why else would they make a statement like that?


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