Falcom explains why they brought Ys VIII to Switch, talks potential for more Switch support

Falcom isn't really a company that many Nintendo fans are familiar with. They've done a lot of titles for Playstation platforms over the years, but decided to change things up for the Switch. In an interview with ActuGaming, we find out why Falcom brought Ys VIII to the Switch, and also hear about the potential for more platform support in the future.

AG: What prompted you to port Ys VIII to Nintendo Switch? Was the handheld aspect of the console a good argument for you? Between 2005 and 2016, most Ys games were on handheld systems.

F: Just as we thought Switch would be an interesting platform in terms of development, NIS America came to us with the idea of porting Ys VIII on Nintendo Switch. We hadn’t released a game on a Nintendo console in a while, so it was an excellent opportunity. As you implied, the number of games dedicated to handheld systems was decreasing so that was also a desire.

AG: Can we expect other Falcom games to be released on Switch or does that depend on Ys VIII sales?

F: Of course we’re going to follow how Ys VIII is received. We also want to release many other games and if the conditions are good, there’s a chance it will happen.

AG: If Ys VIII performs well, could you consider making Switch your main console for launching games?

F: That will depend on the success of Ys VIII. So far, in Japan, we’ve mainly been launching our games on PlayStation systems and things are going well. So, rather than switching, we’d like to have more balance.

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Sat Sep 01 18 01:20am
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I got Ys VIII day one....and will say, been having a blast playing it....think am finally getting to the end, but many been a fun run....and the music/score is great....would love to tweeet them personally, but dont know what their handle is on Twitter.

Sat Sep 01 18 04:55am
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Please don't give it to NIS America again.

I just finished 100%ing the game a couple days ago and even the supposedly fixed translation still has a bunch of errors in it.

There're other companies that can make Switch ports that don't mess up the localising process so bad.


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