HAL's Metal Slader Glory gets a fan-translation

Metal Slader Glory was HAL Laboratory’s final independent title before Nintendo snatched them up. It released on the Famicom 27 years ago, but never saw release outside of Japan. That all changes today, with a fan-translation now available. You can see the translation in action above!

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It doesn't look like my cup of tea but the visuals are jawdropping for that platform without a doubt.

If memory serves right, this was one of the largest, if not THE largest, Famicom cartridge ever produced, in terms of storage space. That would explain it.

Wow. That sure doesn't surprise me. I was reading that at one point, it was being considered to be a multi-disk release on the Famicom Disk System which is a huge storage space requirement for a game back then. The fact that they fit it all on a cartridge at all is pretty impressive.

Wed Sep 05 18 06:17am
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Baffled that they chose to translate the Famicom version instead of its superior Super Famicom port which I believe had more content.


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