Best Buy now saying the Smash Bros. Ultimate Switch Pro Controller is due out Sept. 28th, 2018

Has Best Buy made a mistake, or is there a date shift in the works? Best Buy's website now shows a Sept. 28th, 2018 release date for the Smash Bros. Ultimate Switch Pro Controller, and they're sending out emails to all those who preordered to let them know about the Sept. 28th, 2018 release date change as well. Could Nintendo be sharing an updated release date in tomorrow's Nintendo Direct?

Thanks to MarsEclipse and ZachMousseau for the heads up!


I would not complain if Smash Bros. came out sooner than expected.

Unless it meant the game took a hit in quality. Then I'd complain.

Would be a nice suprise, read this just after Zelda a link between two worlds got slipped on noas twitter account!

What are you referring to re: Zelda?

Wed Sep 05 18 05:30pm
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He or she is referring to a tweet about the New 2DSXL saying you can play NSMB2 and A Link Between Two Worlds anywhere, any time. Whatever intern is running the account today just got the name wrong.

Don't blame them: *2*DS, NSMB *2*, it's only natural to slip another *2* in there

Wed Sep 05 18 10:04pm
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Update: NoA has sent out an identical tweet but with the correct name of the game, confirming the typo.

Crackpot Theory Time: Nintendo isnt moving Smash U's release up, BUT will have a [bare bones] demo/beta available to those who subscribe to their newly launched online service.

Or Occam's Razor would suggest that either BB simply made a mistake or Nintendo really IS moving the release date up by 2+ months...

Darn, that would actually convince me to get their online service.

Perhaps the original smash will get released on the virtual console on September 28th.

Or maybe Melee, since that was rumored a while ago

Wed Sep 05 18 08:52pm
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That’s still pretty early, way before the game comes out.

Is the D pad fixed on the new Smash Pro controllers?

Just got the email saying we're back to 12/7. Figured that was the case.


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