RUMOR - Mega Man 11's final Robot Master names revealed, demo may be releasing soon

Could tomorrow's Nintendo Direct contain some info on Mega Man 11? It seems likely, with the game set to hit Switch on Oct. 2nd, 2018. Apparently dataminers have been sniffing out details, and if their info is correct, it's certainly possible that the game will be discussed during the presentation. As long as you don't mind some spoilers, hit the jump to see what's been discovered.

First up, the final three Robot Masters have had their names revealed through datamining. We've already seen what they look like, but here are there names.

- Acid Man
- Rubber Man
- Tundra Man

With names like those, it's not hard to figure out who's who in the image above. I guess we'll find out if these names are correct soon enough!

Now we move on to the demo, which is something we've been talking about for a few weeks now. Leaks and other shop updates have pointed to a demo releasing, but now we have a new bit of evidence. Apparently an update for Mega Man 11 has been added to the Switch eShop. This appears similar to the situation that came up with Fortnite before the game was surprise announced/launched at E3 2018. If the info is good, we could be seeing a demo for Mega Man 11 hit Switch as early as tomorrow.


Wed Sep 05 18 10:43pm
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Now long until we find out that only four of the robot masters are on the card, and the other four have to be downloaded when you start up?

Wed Sep 05 18 10:52pm
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I've never played a Mega Man game. I might make this one my first!

It looks good to me, and I've been Mega Man-ing ever since I was five and my gramma's semi-boyfriend bought me MM2 as a present.

Thu Sep 06 18 12:32am
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Man, gramma's semi-boyfriend sounds like a great guy.

He totally was. He spoiled the shit out of me and it was really wrenching when he died when I was six, but he was kind to a fault and left an impression on me to this day. He always seemed to get me the best games even though he was an elderly man and there was no internet to look stuff like that up on. He had so many sayings, like "Haste makes waste." Haha. Get MM11, enjoy it, and pour one out for my gramma's semi-boyfriend!

That's cool. The Direct has been delayed now, so the question is whether this demo was pushed back as well or if it'll still show up at some point soon.

I find it really obnoxious that Mega Man 11 doesn't have a page on the eShop, especially considering Diablo III and Warframe have "TBD" pages and icons in the coming soon tab. You'd think if "TBD" ports of games everyone's already played get pages, then a brand new game as big as Mega Man 11, launching in less than a month, would have a page by now. Annoying.

Perhaps we might see something more akin to the layout of how things were done in MM7. I mean we start off with the first four and get the remainder after beating a few of them.


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