RUMOR - Splatoon 2 datamine may have revealed the new Nintendo Direct date

Earlier today, Nintendo decided to push back the Nintendo Direct they planned for today. Nintendo said they would share a new date/time soon, but it looks like we might not have to wait for them to announce it.

Splatoon 2 dataminers have been pouring through the game as usual, and they've found some interesting info. The ranked rotation pool with Starfish Mainstage that was supposed to start on September 7th has now been removed. In addition, all current rotations are preset until September 14th. Finally, the Salmon Run gear that was scheduled for September 7th has been pushed to Sept. 14th.

Looks like we could be seeing the Nintendo Direct rescheduled to Sept. 13th, 2018. Not a confirmation by any means, but certainly some solid evidence.

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!


I don't see the logic here. If that stuff was supposed to come out tomorrow when the Direct was today, doesn't that mean that the new date might be the 13th, for the stuff to come out on the 14th?

Thu Sep 06 18 02:51pm
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I thought the exact same thing. edit: seems RMC changed it to say 13th.

Too bad it wasn't going to be a surprise direct that they would have canceled without anyone knowing about it. Now that we know there's a direct ready, it makes the wait even longer!

Of course, there are worse things one could go through, including what's happening in Japan.

Could just be a placeholder push-back while they wait to figure out when they really want to move it to.

I doubt the delay will be longer than a week because of multiple business reasons. Every additional day is potentially hurting the company's plans.

That being said, anyone who is impatient enough they can't wait a god damned week without throwing a tantrum doesn't deserve video games.

I'm out of upvotes but you're so right. Jeez, people: there's a freaking humanitarian CRISIS and you're mad you have to wait a week?! Most are being cool, thanks people!

The selfishness of some people never stops to amaze (and annoy) me.

All I did was suggest this was a placeholder and I'm "selfish"? Okay?

That was NOT aimed at you! ;) But the people whining about not getting the Direct and not caring for others, like now now those who suffer in Japan. Sorry if I wrote that in an un-understandable way.

Maybe I'm sheltered but most of the people I've seen so far is being really sympathetic with the whole situation.

Most, yws. But there are those toxic idiots out there spewing hate at Nintendo for this.

Ooooh. My bad. It was a reply to my comment, so I was like, "That wasn't what I meant to imply at allll"

A misunderstanding, mate. I have just been somewhat grumpy today. You see, at first I was like "oh noes. ANOTHER disaster hitting Japan. Not like they even more shit.". And then I read comments here where people agree that Ninty did the good thing. I go to Dtoid and see people wanting to send money etc and I have a little hope for humanity but then: entitled bastard comments as if .... I dont even know. I have been rather ill the last couple of days too that could have evoken a little extra Grinch in. But was not meant as an attack you at all.

We good!

I meant it could be less than a week, as well. Like next Tuesday.

Right now, I’m more worried about people in Japan than thinking about Direct. I hope they’re ok.

First off, let's hope there wont be any after-quakes over there. And I think mother nature can stop attacking Japan now! They have gotten enough lately. They need to rebuild. I have been watching some Japanese news today and there is a lot more than Western news shows. So NIntendo don't need to rush the Direct, even though we are curious to what they have to show (apart from our Duck. He doesn't care).

The worst is that they are now on tsunami alert, so they will probably have to brace themselves a little longer. We can only hope that everyone ia safe


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