Ubisoft says fans will be 'blown away' by how StarFox is integrated into Starlink: Battle for Atlas, talks about Fox's figurine pose

Starlink: Battle for Atlas was in development for a good amount of time before the StarFox collaboration came to be. How on earth did Ubisoft manage to squeeze all that extra content into the game? In an interview with DualShockers, Starlink: Battle for Atlas Producer Matt Rose discusses the situation.

It was a big focus and one of the great things about Ubisoft is that it’s a company that believes in making bold moves and taking risks so they were fully behind us. When this collaboration was greenlit and we all decided that this was something that we wanted to do, we were able to rally a lot of support to focus on this content and make sure it was absolutely top-notch. I think people are going to be blown away by how well integrated Fox McCloud is in the game. It’s not just a guest character, you can play as him throughout the entire campaign, fully voice-acted by the cast from Star Fox Zero. He’s not just throughout the main game, there’s also exclusive missions, cinematics, and you may see some other friendly faces from the Star Fox universe along the way.

Ubisoft obviously did a lot of the heavy lifting during development, but not without approval from Nintendo. Wondering what elements Nintendo tackled themselves? Turns out they worked directly on the Fox figurine.

As an example, the pose of Fox McCloud on the toy is something that Nintendo actually came up with. We had gone back and forth on different sketches and poses and they told us they had the perfect pose that matched his personality. They sent us back the sketch, and yeah. It’s been really, really great.


It looks close to the pose on the Super Nintendo cartridge.

Sat Sep 08 18 07:51am
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Maybe i would have been blown away, if I was still going to purchase this, but instead Ubisoft gets a giant middle finger for being royal cheapskates and ruining the physical release.

What did they do to the physical release?

It's an incomplete game, the cart version won't work until you download the rest of the game from a server.


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