Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Luigi vignette directly teased Luigi's Mansion 3

Not all that surprising, considering how much Sakurai loves to throw in references and Easter eggs. Turns out he was teasing us with Luigi's vignette in Smash Bros. Ultimate, as he gave us a look at a new move that Luigi has in Luigi's Mansion 3!

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

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Thu Sep 13 18 08:30pm
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I wonder whether the dual-analog controls will make a return or if it will be more like Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon where the angle of the Poltergust is changed by a button press. I am guessing that there will probably be the option to have either play style which I am hoping for since controlling things in the original game feels God awful due to the side-on view but it could be remedied if it was more of a behind-the-back camera angle. That's just my experience though.

I hope that this sequel fixes all the issues that dark moon had especially with how the levels were structured.

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