Switch Online - Full list of launch NES games revealed

Finally, Nintendo has revealed the 20 NES games that will be available with the launch of the Switch Online service. Get the full rundown below.

Donkey Kong™
Mario Bros.™
Super Mario Bros.™
Balloon Fight™
Ice Climber™
Dr. Mario™
The Legend of Zelda™
Super Mario Bros.™ 3
Double Dragon
River City Ransom
Ghosts'n Goblins™
Tecmo Bowl
Pro Wrestling
Ice Hockey

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Good start, hope more comes soon!

The online site is updated, three games are added per month. They've announced the games until end of the year, with a note saying more are coming in 2019.

I saw, it has Solomon's key, i never got to play Solomon's key before.

Thu Sep 13 18 08:14pm
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The trailer showed some games that are not on that list, such as Super Dodge Ball. I'm sure they'll be coming down the road.

I'll probably get more excited for this if they ever start cycling SNES games into the mix.

Thu Sep 13 18 08:14pm
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Tecmo Bowl onlne, hell yeah.

Will have to play with 30 year old teams, but hey it's something (since we're not getting Madden anytime soon).

Thu Sep 13 18 08:21pm
Rating: 1

the very definition of meh.

if not for the backup protection, there is nothing here worth spending 20/year on.

Yes there is, the ability to play Diablo 3 online, and Super Smash Bros, and Animal Crossing, etc. That's worth 20 by itself.

Lol at the fact they picked the crappy NES DD1 instead of NES DD2... When NES DD1 doesn't even have Co-Op

I actually believe double dragon is the arcade version and not the NES version.

Switch Online is for NES only. The boxart is the NES version and so is the Famicom version. We're getting the godawful NES version and that's that sadly

On the European website it is listed as a special version of the game.

Soccer - ehh
Tennis - ehh
Donkey Kong™ - cool
Mario Bros.™ - cool
Super Mario Bros.™ -cool
Balloon Fight™ - Iwata ;/
Ice Climber™ - meh
Dr. Mario™ - super cool
The Legend of Zelda™ -sure
Super Mario Bros.™ 3 - great
Double Dragon - great
River City Ransom - cool
Ghosts'n Goblins™ - horrible port
Tecmo Bowl - bleh
Gradius - great
Pro Wrestling - I have no idea what this is
Excitebike™ - cool
Yoshi™ - not a great game
Ice Hockey - meh
Baseball - meh

I agree with all your scores but don't think "sure" is enthusiastic enough for Zelda haha

Zelda 1's fine but it hasn't aged amazingly, it uses a lot of unfair design practices that would not fly today.

Thu Sep 13 18 08:28pm
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Cool! It'll be nice to check those classic games out at no additional charge. That's mainly how I look at it. (aside from the big first party classic games I very much like to have on my Switch!)

See, you're one of those people that complaining internet types call "happy and emotionally stable." Lol yeah this service is going to be awesome.

That interface looks very snazzy and neat. I do hope there's some sort of filter or list view later on because as more titles get added it could become kinda cumbersome.

I'm actually shocked Kirby's Adventure isn't on that line-up.
It's one of the few NES games that really, really, REALLY hold up well, same as Mario Bros 3.

Oh well, hopefully it'll turn up eventually

Agree with you there. I'm sure it'll be coming sometime. It really is a gem.

Black box Soccer, Tennis and Baseball? Be still my heart.

I happy to see Pro Wrestling. It was one of my favorite NES games as a kid, but I don't think it's ever been re-released on any of the virtual consoles. This game deserves a modern remake/sequel.

I see your Online Tax bet and raise it with my NES Classic Mini.


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