Nintendo shares release dates for another handful of Switch Online NES games, including 'Special Versions'

We know the 20 NES titles hitting hte Switch Online service on day one, but Nintendo has already shared a list of some titles for October, November, and December. Check out the listings below, including a number of 'Special Versions' of these games.

October 2018

Double Dragon (SP)
Gradius (SP)
NES Open Tournament Golf
Solomon's Key
Super Mario Bros. 3 (SP)

November 2018

Dr. Mario (SP) Metroid (SP) Mighty Bomb Jack
Super Mario Bros. (SP) TwinBee

December 2018

Adventures of Lolo The Legend of Zelda (SP) NINJA GAIDEN
Wario's Woods

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Thu Sep 13 18 09:29pm
Rating: 8

We're really gonna look back on the wii as the golden era of nintendo respecting the back catalog aren't we?

Thu Sep 13 18 09:29pm
Rating: 8

We're really gonna look back on the wii as the golden era of nintendo respecting the back catalog aren't we?

Yep. Don’t these games expire after a month? Ugh.

Pretty sure they don't expire anymore.

No they don't expire anymore. You choose off a list and go.

How many do you get to choose?

It's like a Netflix of games. Play what you want, when you want.

Thu Sep 13 18 11:48pm
Rating: 3

Yeah, the hate for this service compared to Virtual Console feels a bit revisionist. All I remember was people ranting about how overpriced Virtual Console was. 34 NES games would have cost $170, and that’s just over the next few months. Meanwhile you might spend $80 on this service for the lifetime of the Switch. Seems like a better deal even if you don’t like most of the games.

Not to mention the added features.

Fri Sep 14 18 01:08am
(Updated 1 time)

Totally agree. I'm far more likely to try a game I never played before when this system then I was to spend $5 on taking a chance back in the Wii days. I don't think Wii's VC launched with 20 titles, either. This is a positive development. The interface looks amazing. I'm very impressed. If all retro games come through this service, and they just keep adding more games and systems, then *this feature alone* is worth getting a Switch for.

You want to try a gene, you say? You should ask one of those genetic biologists. Technology has come pretty far these days!

LOL d'oh. Fixed. I've already got a couple thousand genes of my own to try haha

I have typos all the time, but this was just too funny not to comment on Smile

Like RMC's "Switch cans" Smile (he was refering to "fans")

Hahahaha yeah no i deserved it haha

Until it gets removed. And you can't buy titles you really love. Ugh...

Thu Sep 13 18 09:36pm
(Updated 1 time)

The UK page (which RMC listed as the source here) shows "Special Version" of games that NoA's page doesn't.

50hz refresh rate just like you remember it!

Japan gets all of these too, except Lolo 1 is swapped with Lolo 2, meaning if you have both accounts you get both games. Disappointing, just when I was hoping to use Japan's library as a way to play more games, they keep them the same and do this horrendous release schedule. Just awful. Sad

”If you have both accounts you get both games”

But only if you have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription for each account! You need to include all of your desired accounts in a Family Group and use one of your accounts to purchase the Family Membership ($35/year) or buy the $20 subscription for every account individually.

Thu Sep 13 18 11:44pm
Rating: 5 (Updated 1 time)

This drip of VC games (NES GAMES AT THAT) is getting tiring.

I'm glad fellow Nintendo fans are waking up to the ridiculousness of this "service" (see the comment section to Nintendo's video below). It's not anti-Nintendo to realize Nintendo Switch Online is not even worth the $20/year asking price. Stand up for yourself as a consumer. You're just paying for what you've been getting for free with no real benefit.


If that's how you feel, then fine. I personally haven't been getting a "constantly-expanding Netflix of classic video games" for free, and I resent your implication that I am not 'standing up for myself" just because I'm not complaining. If you're not happy, fine. Not a great look, IMO, but you do you. But you're not "superior" just because you are complaining, so please stop implying you are being courageous compared to those who think this is cool. You just have different priorities.

Fri Sep 14 18 12:38am
Rating: 1

This rocks. Now you gets the games for free! Right?

I like it Smile

But has anyone figured out what Special Versions actually are?

Fri Sep 14 18 02:06am
Rating: 1

Just because we've been getting it for free, doesnt me it doesn't cost money to run servers


And because theyve been letting us use it for free up until now, people feel entitled to it for some reason

How are these free? Do you not need a paid subscription to Switch Online?

Fri Sep 14 18 06:39pm
Rating: 1

what servers? a few AWS EC2 instances to host the eshop? the multiplayer all peer to peer. We are getting fleeced.

Peer to Peer still needs a server running somewhere to put the two peers in touch with each other. Just sayin’

Sat Sep 15 18 12:33pm
Rating: 1

Seriously. It's mind boggling that people think its somehow free to run online. 20 dollars for a YEAR is more than worth it to play games online

I’m sure they will add at least SNES games to the selection some day in the unknowable future. It’s just that we can’t know for sure because Nintendo isn’t promising anything until they’re absolutely sure (they have been in the habit of releasing info on things close to launch). And that leaves the customer feeling unsure.

I agree with everyone’s feelings, that since we already got and bought these games before, that we should have had them available on the Switch as well, since that would be awesome! Most probably just want plain emulation without extra features like online and having to wait because of those superfluous additions feels unfair.

I think a Virtual Console with a huge choice of merely emulated platforms and games with game-by-game purchases in addition to this subscription based online collection would satisfy most.

(Though Sony seems to do a bunch of things better, but I doubt I could transfer my entire PS1 Classics collection from my PS3 to the PS4 either?)

Of course we'll get SNES games and eventually N64 with tine. This is the VC's replacement aftet all. And some day we'll get VC games too, I am sure. But when? Well, let's see how good it'll go with the service in the beginning.

It would be wonderful if Nintendo could eventually get all of their "older" games onto this service and not just NES games. If they add SNES, N64, GCN, etc then they really have something here. Like others said above it is like the Netflix of video games at that point.

Netflix sucks. They are constantly removing adding things. Sometimes I wanna watch a movie I saw on Netflix a month ago. Too bad, it's gone now. I hope that's not the case with these Nintendo classics.

With Nexflix that’s because of licensing of third party content. I bet you’re experiencing this with non-Netflix created content?

With this service, third party games might disappear after a while, but there’s no reason 1st party games should.


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