SEGA running survey to see which games you want as part of the SEGA AGES lineup

SEGA has already announced a number of titles for their SEGA AGES lineup, but they want to make sure they're bringing over the titles that fans want most. This is why they've kicked off a Twitter survey for fans, with the results of the poll being shared at TGS 2018 on Sept. 22nd, 2018. All you have to do is list the game you want between the brackets. You have until September 17th at 23:59 JST to cast your vote, and only one vote is allowed per person.

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This is our chance, lets bring back Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg!!

SEGA does what Nintendon't... Listens to it's fans.

Did Sligeach_Eire hack your account or something?

Fri Sep 14 18 09:50am
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Of course not... are you new here? lol

Were they listening to their fans when they stopped making their hardware line?......Lol, actually, they must have.

I voted for Super GT, otherwise known as SCUD Race outside of North America, because that is the best arcade racer that never got a home port. I prayed for a Dreamcast version back in the day and it never came. The time is nowwwwww~

You, sir or madam, have excellent taste.

I would like to see an HD remaster of skies of Arcadia

Uhh..skies of Arcadia?

I picked Golden Axe Revenge of Death Adder. Mainly because it's never been rereleased

I thought it got a Saturn port? Maybe I’m thinking of that fighting game.


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