Father sends daughter inside prize machine to steal a 3DS and Switch

What in the world is going on here?! I can't imagine any sort of explanation that would make this okay. A father decided to send his daughter inside a prize machine to have her steal both a 3DS and Switch. Obviously the kids in the video aren't going to get in trouble, but police are looking for the father. How did he ever think he'd get away with this!?

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Mon Sep 17 18 09:13pm
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It would be funny if his daughter couldn't find her way out and he had to win her back by playing the game the legal way.

Theft and Child Abuse.

Mon Sep 17 18 08:51pm
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He's got his priorities right, that's for sure.

Seriously, good for him. Things are starting to look up for this guy for sure. His kids are learning valuable life lessons.

Mon Sep 17 18 09:13pm
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It would be funny if his daughter couldn't find her way out and he had to win her back by playing the game the legal way.

What a creep. The kid he sent in can't be any older than 2 or 3. That's awful. Hope they find this jackass.

How can switch and 3ds be given as prizes is a wonder to me...

These machines are rigged so that the bigger prizes are won so infrequently that by the time they are given out, they’ve paid for themselves. The operator can actually set the probability if they want to make even more money!

Tue Sep 18 18 01:35am
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Which is kinda dumb if you ask me because the customer is paying a small fee to potentially win a product that is pricey. I mean it makes sense for toys because they can be bought at that price but 3ds and switch?

Also, are those things even under warranty and if they are dropped by the handle over again, it's likely damaging the product instead of getting it in mint condition.

Pretty shitty to use your kids like that, but honestly I don't care about the theft part at all. Those machines are an effing ripoff.

It's not a ripoff, it's literally gambling. And nobody forces you to use them.

You can't justify theft because you never won or will win in one.

I know...why don’t we film it so that we’ll never get caught!

Not sure his daughter will fit inside the switch to beat breath of the wild for him too!

Brings new meaning to the phrase, "It was an inside job." ;)

Wait, aren't you banned?

Hard to tell from the video if those are desperate times or if he's just a jerk.

Desperate times would have him stealing food or basic supplies, not video game consoles.

Uhm. Not so sure. These cobsole cost several hundred dollars. There is a lot if food in that. Would be easier to sell these and get food rather than steal all that food.

This is dodgy logic, if anything.

Tue Sep 18 18 12:53pm
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No. It's a lot easier to sell sth small and valuable and sell it for good money than to try to steal a lot of food. I have been broke a lot and had to sell many belongings for food money.

I am not saying this is the issue here, and using a child like this is bad in so many ways, but I would like to hear the full story.

Theft is literally never justifiable tho, but ok.

Hunger can be a nasty monser. Trust me. I once went without food for almost two days. It changes your mind.

Aren't those boxes usually empty?

Yeah you would have to swap the price box for the real thing. and there is no way that this would be swapped now.

How low can humanity get? This irresponsible parent thats how.

What a scumbag. I feel sorry for that little girl.


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