Switch firmware update 6.0.0 now available, full patch notes

Not mentioned in the patch notes are a Joy-Con update, but nothing for the Pro Controller. We're sure even more details on this update will be coming throughout the night, but here's what we have so far. Thanks to Kolma for the heads up!

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Tue Sep 18 18 08:52pm
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I like that you can now play your digital titles on any switch if you are logged into your account. That's a big change.

Will the home button light work now? It's been there for a long time with no use.

I still wonder if that button actually have a light

What do you mean? I'm fairly sure there's no light under the home button..

The "gray" area around the home button is actually translucent, with an LED similar to the Wii U home button.

I don't think there's a LED there like the Wii U.., Even though it's a bit translucent..

There is, on the Pro as well as on the Joy-Con R.

Oh wow, I just looked it up and it actually can light up! Strange that Nintendo isn't using it.. I guess they don't have a real use for it at the moment..

I am trying to add my NSO 12 month membership card and it says that this product is not available. Anyone else having an issue with that?

They're rolling stuff out, just wait a while before that part is available.

I won't install this until other people review it

I cant believe there still isnt a single Xenoblade 2 icon. C'mon Nintendo!

Oh look, it's that "mushroom character in Mario Kart".

Phew....was worried for a minute until I saw the general stability notes. Now I know it’s worth updating. Smile

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