Switch Online NES games appear to be causing some sort of visual issues after playing

Take a quick look at the image above and you might not notice anything. Take a longer look and you might notice that you can see faint visuals from Dr. Mario. We're not quite sure what's going on, but playing NES games with static imagery is appearing to cause some sort of burn-in or ghosting issues. The thing is, they seem to disappear eventually, and most likely isn't actual burn-in. This happens both in handheld mode and on TV.

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Nintendo Switch Online: the gift that keeps on giving.

Nintendo Switch Online: the gift that keeps on giving.

Burn in. Extra bit of nostalgia, I guess

Wed Sep 19 18 01:30am
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What will Dr. Mario prescribe to fix this bug?

Seems to actually affect the screens themselves. It's not just a Switch OS glitch. No clue why this is happening, but it's classic Nintendo(tm). Not even free emulators have this issue.


It happens when docked on your TV too.

That was the point I was trying to get across. No matter what display you use, it occurs.

Ah I misunderstood your comment. Thanks for clarifying

All the source links are Reddit posts :/

This is image retention https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image_persistence

This existed before Switch's NES games.

Wed Sep 19 18 02:16am
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Exactly. It’s just highlighted by NES games because they have more static portions of the screen compared to newer games.

You even see this on iPhones on occassion. Every LCD screen is susceptible, some more than others and software can help force a refresh.

The fact that this happens also when docked on a TV is proof it’s not just the Switch’s screen.

It's not burn-in but persistence caused by the rainbow flickering the CRT effect uses.
While annoying shouldn't cause any real permanent damage to the screen and will fade away after a few minutes/hours at most.

However, this is why most CRT filters are actually just black lines and a blur effect at most.

Ah, so it has to do with the way the CRT effect tries to emulate the flickering and glow of a CRT screen!
Thanks for the good info!

Who wants to play these with a crt filter anyway?

I don't see that happening on mine, it must be day one switches being affected by this? I have no idea if its different LCD/issues with others. Sorry if it seems far-fetched.


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