Contrary to earlier reports, both Dead Cells and NBA 2K19 DO support cloud saves

A couple weeks prior to the Switch Online service luanching, a number of Nintendo.com and eShop pages were updated to list games that wouldn't support cloud saves. Both Dead Cells and NBA 2K19 were included in that list, but we have good news. Now that the service is live, it appears both games do indeed support cloud saves. Not sure why those shop pages originally stated they wouldn't, but I guess all's well that ends well!

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I'm surprised at NBA 2K19 given its save file size(over 5GB). There are other games that have save files less than 1% of that figure. It was a possible reason stated by some people for its omission. I wonder if there's an individual limit or overall limit per customer, it's something we haven't heard mentioned in the T&C's.

Fortnite doesn't support cloud backup. It may be that Epic games keeps it all on their server along with your account.


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