Switch Pro Controller update available once you plug your controller in

At first we didn't think there was an update for the Switch Pro Controller with today's new firmware update, but that's not the case. Once you download the update and plug your controller in, you will be prompted with the update info. Of course, we don't know what exactly the update does, but it's good to keep these things up-to-date!

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Mine is plugged in all the time. Tried unplugging and plugging it back in, no update available.

Wed Sep 19 18 01:21am
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Alright just figured it out- you NEED it docked to update the pro controller

Most stable controller ever!

Wed Sep 19 18 05:55am
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Wishful thinker me wants to believe it is to implement future support for usb-c to 3.5mm adapters for plugging a headset into it for audio chat on the system while docked (technically feasible!) but realistic me quickly dismisses the idea.

I can't say I've heard this idea anywhere else, so I'm going to call you a genius and give you a thumbs up for this. I would be all about this!

That's a great idea! You should send a feedback mail to Nintendo about that!
(They'd have to develop a way to send the audio over the controllers Bluetooth without compromising bandwidth for any other function though..)

I also hope they eventually add native support for streaming audio from the system via Bluetooth or Wifi, and make the Smartphone app compatible with it. They really need to find a smoother way to mix voice chat from the Smartphone with in-game audio. It's possible, just a difficult problem.

Wed Sep 19 18 07:45am
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Makes me wonder, when on earth will the Home button FINALLY be lit up blue? I guess, when there's a messaging system in the OS?

Plug into... what? The docking station?

Wed Sep 19 18 11:43am
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Yup. Normally the update of the system will prompt an update of the JoyCon already if those are connected to the system itself. And then if you plug in you pro controller, it may or may not prompt an update for that one as well. If it doesn't, the settings menu of the system, under "controllers", lets you trigger the update manually.

Thanks for the info. Smile

Yup, with the Switch Docked as well of course ;-)
Fun fact you can play over the Wired connection if you keep it plugged in! Wired has less latency and can be beneficial if you play competitively!

Cool, I didn't know that! :D

I also didn't think of plugging the controller into the docking station prior to my question.

Just remembered: You need to activate this in the settings.. So be sure to do that if you want to try this out..

Found it in the options by accident, but thanks. Smile

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