Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Version 1.7.0 now available, full patch notes

Version 1.7.0

Now compatible with Toy-Con Car in Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 03: Vehicle Kit

- You can select which Toy-Con to use from “Toy-Con” settings in the main menu.

Now compatible with the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app.

- If the application is running on your device when you enter an online match, you will automatically receive a prompt on your smartphone asking if you would like to join a voice chat with your opponent.
- Worldwide, Regional, Friends, and Tournaments allow you to use this function.


Does this mean voice chat with strangers?

That's how I read it as well, if so, maybe the app will have some benefit now.

Wed Sep 19 18 12:02pm
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Maybe it's because I'm old, but what I detest most about online play is talking to strangers. Even rocket league quick chat can become super sarcastic and annoying so I turn off that chat option. Unless of course I am playing with friends. But again, being older, my friends and I never have the same schedule.

Yeah, I'm the same way ("old man" here as well). But I have hopes that MK will be better.

I wholeheartedly agree with u on this. I guess u can say im an "old man" as well. I DESPISE talking online with complete strangers, especially with kids/teens. Something about them I find annoying, I cant quite put a finger on it? (even the ones tht are pretty chill) I've been like this since Highschool. I only stick with Discord if I want to VC and thts only with ppl I know pretty weel and gamed with.


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