HORI says Switch firmware 6.0.0 improves the battery drain issue on their D-pad Joy-Con

We don't have the official English translation, but HORI's Japanese Twitter account has stated that Switch's bump up to firmware version 6.0.0 has improved the battery drain issue with their d-pad Joy-Con. Now the translation says 'improved,' but hopefully it means completely solved.

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Is it safe for me to continue using my Nyko Dock yet?

Better don't use it. As far I know, a faulty hardware design in the Switch's USB-C controller causes the trouble.

Never ever use it. It’s an unlicensed dock and the switch was only made with Nintendo’s energy output in mind.

You might find this info useful: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1274541538/jumpgate-a-versatile-dock-for-switch-and-smart-dev/posts/2283486

They go into great detail on the root of the bricking problem, including testing your Nyko Dock.

The main reason I pledged for one is the unique aspect of the removable Core Drive. I plan on inserting it into a mini wood arcade cabinet, then I can connect my arcade controller and more. Being able to connect to a second tv with the actual dock is a bonus.

Just grab a mini dock shell and put the official hardware from your old dock inside of it. It's VERY easy to do and uses the official hardware.. win/win.


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