How to play Switch Online Famicom games outside of Japan

Did you know you can play the Japanese version of all 20 NES Nintendo Switch Online games, at no additional cost?! And they have some differences, like better music in Zelda, and harder gameplay in Super Mario Bros. 3! We show off the changes and how to play them yourself!

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Oh what ?
Did they do that thing again where they don't go with the best version and instead give each region the version they got back in the days ?
Backward-thinking. It's insane.
That's it I'll wait until I have a confirmation that European games are NOT the disgusting 50hz version we got when they were first released. This has happened too many times before and sadly I see that they are fully capable of doing this again. I'm not getting burned again.

Don't draw too hasty conclusions.. Most likely the games for EU and NA (and AU) are the same versions. Just like they did on the NES and SNES Classic, which were basically the field test versions of this emulator for Switch.

As for the Japanese games: It would be a lot of work to convert each Japanese game to the other languages and really a waste of time if they have almost just as good versions already.

Like shown here you can download the Famicom NSO app as well so there really isn't that big of an issue..

Yes I was jumping to conclusions and I can now confirm that the games on the EU accounts are the 60hz versions and not the slown down versions we got back in the days. However I had good reasons to be suspicious based on my experience. Still I'm glad they seem to have fixed this particular aspect.

What do you mean your experience?

Wii and Wii U VC were a catastrophy for Europe for that particular reason we were discussing.

Oh, really? Were those 50Hz?

Yeah they were. Well to be fair they stopped doing it after a while on Wii U and from what I can remember even changed the version of Baloon Fight because they got backlashed pretty bad.

Ah I see.. Well I'm glad they fixed that with the Classic systems and now (by extension) with NES | NSO..

Yep, so am I ^^
It's really nice to play these on the Switch.


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