Platinum shares status update on Bayonetta 3, says development is "going very, very well"

PlatinumGames’ Hideki Kamiya and Atsushi Inaba were on-hand for a stage event at the Bitsummit Roadshow: Tokyo earlier today, and they shared an update on Bayonetta 3. You can get all the details below.

- the game is “on course”
- everybody in the development team is “in sync”
- development is proceeding smoothly.

“It’s nice to be able to tell you that everything is going very, very well. We’re all very excited about what we’re doing on that game.”

The pair also shared a small tidbit on the development of the original Bayonetta. While Kamiya had the idea of having guns that you both shot at and hit enemies with, the idea of kicking with guns came from an animator on the team. Kamiya went to the animator with his original idea, and when the animator heard the idea of about hitting with guns, he suggested they should add the kicking element as well.


That's good to know. I think this game will come out in 2019. MP4, however, I think that will release in 2020.

Well we only know that both games are in development, but not for how long. But Platinum did say they were working on a Switch game quite some time before the reveal of Bayo 3, so it sure could next year. MP4? It's in development and it's by Retro. So we are fartoo deep in the dark to know anything on that one, sadly.

Prime 4 actually isn't being developed by Retro; it's being developed by one of Nintendo's teams in Japan.

DAMMIT! I actually knew that. Was supposed to write NOT by Retro!

My bad. Thanks.

Wed Sep 19 18 02:45pm
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OMFG OMFG OMFG! Does this mean we might see something from the game soon??? Smile

Thursday, 6th December of this year at the VGA's, mark it in your calendar. That's when we'll see a proper trailer for this game. You know where you heard it first.

That would be the anniversery for the reveal, not? Could happen. I just really want to see SOMETHING from this gamd now.

Can they top Bayo2 ?

Meanwhile the non nintendo crowd still thinks Devil May Cry is the best thing ever and God of War is the evolution of beat'em all XD

They said their plan IS to top it. Damn I can't wait! I know it'll be great

The Nintendo haters are childish or envious. Not that DMC or GoF are bad games.

Multiplat gamer here ;)

Oh no they certainly aren't bad or anything but GoW definitely left beat'em all teritory it came from. And DMC fans keep acting like it's the best action game ever, bu they clearly haven't tried Bayo because they simply don't play in the same league. Still a very nice game though. It was just pretty laughable to see a lot of gamers shun Bayo2 because of the Wii U and then jump on DMC because if they're being honest, they'll have to admit they are actually starving for more beat'em all, a genre that at some point was thriving but has now almost disappeared. If they like beat'em all that much, they should try to support it as much as possible.

Yeah! Many "hate" Bayonetta 2 because it's a Nintendo exclusive, not because it's a abd game (far from a bad game really). And the same will happen with Bayonetta 3. I am very happy I have several consoles and games, so I get the best of al worlds. But I might pass on DMC5. It seems like the microtransactions.... Yeah. I think it will ruin the ballance of the game. Sad.

But back to Bayonetta: Platinum did say they had ideas as to how to "top" the first two games. Well, good luck with that! Smile It's made from scratch for the Switch, so I am sure they'll squeeze everything out of the little console. Sure hope they add D rumble. Think that could give the game a little extra immersion. But according to rumours it has a lower budget than Bayo 2. Hope that stays a rumour or that they do everything they can to make it as awesome as possible.

Are we sure that they didn't accidentally ask Trump to comment on the game?


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