Unsurprisingly, Super Mario Party won't support handheld mode

A couple weeks back, we learned that Super Mario Party wouldn't support the Switch Pro Controller. Not surprising, since Nintendo wants to keep everyone on a level playing field with controllers. Now today, we learn another tidbit that wasn't confirmed yet, but again, makes sense.

Super Mario Party is not going to support play in handheld mode. You can obviously play docked, as well as in tabletop mode, but handheld with the Joy-Con attached isn't going to work. With all the motion controls going on here, as well as the big focus on local multiplayer, hearing portable mode isn't supported shouldn't be too much of a shock.

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Sat Sep 22 18 06:11am
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Put the tray table down. Bam--playable.

Switch game.

Well shit. This is a dealbreaker. I don't care for motion control gimmicks and I assumed there would be button games akin to Mario Party 5 (my personal fav) for on the go play (or at least, the gimmicks would be minor that you could play some basic ones like tilting games) but if I can't play this while at school then this will pretty much be worthless. Hoping for reviews to explain tons of single-player/online content before I'm totally sure I'll cancel but it makes me sad nonetheless. Sad

I gotta ask, why did you assume there would be button games? Nothing about any of the previews showed anything like that.

My thoughts exactly. From day one they showed at as being a joy-con based party game. And after hearing about no Pro Controller support, this really should have been a given.

Because the 3DS games had some, and the ones I grew up with (Mario Party 2-7) all used buttons save for some gimmick mic stuff in 6/7. If it was advertised as a return to form, I hoped it would offer all types of minigames.

Sat Sep 22 18 01:54am
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The entire purpose of the Switch is local multiplayer, and you hope for a series best known for local multiplayer to feature a bunch of single player and online games? I'm siding with Nintendo on this one.

The entire purpose of the Switch is to be able to play anywhere and anytime. This game won’t be playable in a train, plane or bus.

Therefore this isn’t a Switch game.

aurora unit
Sat Sep 22 18 05:13am
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What kind of game is it then? An Xbox game?

Since no Switch game can be played while deep-sea diving or during a school exam, none can truly be played "anywhere and anytime", and therefore there are no Switch games at all.

Unless, of course, one interprets it more sensibly as "almost anywhere, anytime", when - voila - they magically turn back into Switch games - this one included.

You CAN olay it in table top mode. Anywhere, anytime.

Sat Sep 22 18 06:11am
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Put the tray table down. Bam--playable.

Switch game.

I've tried that. And in trains would cause enough motion to kick the Switch over.
I don't know about planes, but I wouldn't recommend playing Switch in turbulence.

I play local multiplayer with a friend every weekend and we have tons of fun. The problem is, that's every weekend. Online minigame competitions or playing against the CPUs like I did in 5 all the time (when I had nobody to play with back in those days) are what I hoped would kill time, and it's still doable at home, but I can't help but still be disappointed that the game's focused on motion control gimmicks when it could have added some button only games to the mix like in the old MP games, for handheld play and for those who can't physically use the motion control.

Riding in a car or sitting in my school cafeteria to play my switch isn't gonna be as practical with this game since I'd have to detach the joycons and deal with having to either look like a fool or have difficulty getting the tabletop thing to work since it's not meant for a moving vehicle to begin with. This will still be decent fun with my friend on a weekend session, but unless reviews are positive enough to indicate that staying at home to play this is worth it, it's likely I'll cancel my preorder and put this on my Christmas list instead, and use the money for some eShop stuff instead.

Half supporting the pro controller seems far more absurd than not supporting it at all. And I assume you are calling motion controls a gimmick because you don't like them and want me to tacitly accept your criticism of them. They're not a gimmick. They're just fine as is.

Sat Sep 22 18 12:25am
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duh? Its still playable in tabletop mode, so nothing SUPER lost unless you really planned on playing this solo. which if so, lol

Sat Sep 22 18 06:50am
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Handheld mode doesnt mean solo play... or did you play any of the ds or 3ds mario partys solo? No because there is ad hock local multiplayer.

That could have been handy on plain rides for example, where you and your friends dont necessarily sit next to each other.

Also a pseudo handheld that doesnt support handheld mode with some games is just awful. People dont make a big deal out if it with SMP but if pokemon lets go would do that there would be riots.

Is this the first Switch game that can't be played in Handheld mode?

1-2 Switch, the other Joy-Con based party game.

Are you really comparing 1-2 switch with an actual game? SMP should at least have Handheld mode support because the series was always playable in portable mode with the ds and 3ds and comparing that to a new series thats aimed at casuals is just ugh

The only comparison I made was that both can't be played in handheld mode. It was an answer to a question. Pretty simple.

I mean, they could have made an option to take out the incompatible minigames, but it's no big deal. It's not that type of game.

I play almost exclusively handheld only. Only sometimes I play with Pro Controller on the TV.

This the first Switch game that doesn’t “Switch”, so I don’t call this a Switch game. 1-2 Switch was garbage and so is this MarioParty.

Well that's a bummer. Especially since they mentioned a single player mode. Oh well, this one's a skip for me.

While I do understand this, I don't get why the Pro Controller isn't compatible. What does a Joy-Con have that the Pro doesn't? (And it's not IR, because Joy-Con L can be used as well)

Sat Sep 22 18 03:48am
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It has wriststraps

exactly, its just nintendo that made super mario party with hardware gimmicks in mind that the series dont actually need. Instead of making fun and innovative games that the switch processing power allows.

Sat Sep 22 18 01:22pm
(Updated 2 times)

I disagree. The multiscreen minigames seem pretty damn innovative to me.

yea but thats a separate mode, the main game could easily be made with handheld(and pro controller) in mind. That wouldnt sacrifice such mode

How are you going to play a multiplayer party game with one person looking at the screen? Nobody plays Mario Party for the single player experience. If not being able to play this in handheld mode is a dealbreaker for you, then this genre was never meant for you in the first place.

While I believe Mario Party best played on the TV. That's still no excuse for this game not to include handheld play considering Mario Party Advance, DS, Island Tour, The Top 100, and Star Rush all exist on handheld hardware. How is Super Mario Party any different? Nintendo could've EASILY not included gimmicky motion control games and used local wireless play like all the other games mentioned above.

Because that's not the kind of game this iteration was designed to be. It's like putting button controls in Just Dance. Someone could have a unfair advantage because of a control scheme and if everyone had to use it to level the playing field, then the original intention by the developers is lost.

Sat Sep 22 18 05:09am
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Not too surprised by this. Super Mario Party looks like a low effort game similar to Mario Tennis Aces. It is not surprising they did not bother making a filtering system for handheld play, adding pro controller support or making a proper online experience.

"When you attach the left and right Joy-Con controllers, you can continue playing anywhere". That's just one line from Nintendo's Switch presentation back in 2017. They sold the Switch on the premise that it could be played in 3 ways; docked, tabletop or handheld. So when you remove one of those methods, it's a big deal. I think the game could have used the Pro Controller and be played in handheld mode but it would have required a fair bit of effort. Sure look, when has there last been a top quality Mario Party game? Though in fairness, this so far looks better than more recent efforts.

It's understandable that some folks would want to play solo in handheld or not use motion controls; however, I am fine with this news. My favorite way to play games is in local mp (on the TV) and I prefer motion controls to buttons for Mario Party mini games. I am excited for this game and buying it day one.


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