IGN Video - Does the NES Library Make NSO Worth It?

Over 20 NES games have been confirmed for Nintendo Switch Online, but is that enough to warrant getting a subscription?

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Sat Sep 22 18 07:05pm
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One second video of the word "No." in bold text taking up the whole screen.

Sat Sep 22 18 07:05pm
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One second video of the word "No." in bold text taking up the whole screen.

I'm happy with it. I really don't know what people expected from them. I'd love to hear what they did though.

Sat Sep 22 18 11:03pm
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If SNES games were part of the deal I don’t think things would have been received so harshly. NES games (besides SMB3 and maybe a couple others) are good for nostalgia and seeing where things started but let’s be honest, they’re not good anymore for the most part. Many SNES games are timeless, as good now as they ever were. Metroid is ambitious but not much fun today while Super Metroid will always be amazing. Zelda is cool to look at how ahead of its time it was but A Link to the Past obliterates it in every single way.

Even just having SNES games on there would have been fairly underwhelming considering the scope of legacy content Nintendo are sitting on across their past consoles but it would have been a damn sight better having some actual quality games to pick from instead of Ice Climbers and Tennis.

As someone who wasn't around then, the games are just crap. SMB3 is good, and some of the others can be fun, but overall they are rubbish. SNES games are exponentially better.

What I don't get is that Nintendo wants this to be the new VC and they even delayed it. I was thinking the delayed part would mean they were thinking to add actual content. The VC had everything from NES to N64 plus C64, SEGA and NEO GEO games. Why not have all that on the service from day one? OK. I get that it's a first step for them and need to test the waters. It also costs to make changes to these games, specially the online stuff. But SNES and N64 games should happen sooner than later. And GC. Even if we have to pay extra, I am sure people would jump for joy with some GC games with online!

Sun Sep 23 18 07:36am
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Because the other companies don't want that now.

Thanks to the VC the other companies realized "HEY! We can sell these ourselves and won't have to rely on Nintendo's virtual console! People DO still buy and play them!"

Why do you think there have been SOOO many compilations as of late?

Sun Sep 23 18 08:23am
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That does not excuse Nintendo to NOT release SNES, N64 or even GC games on the service. SNES should have been there from day one. Specially after the long delay.

I know these are coming eventually, but guess we'll see an N64 mini first.

P. S: Very good points BTW.

Right now it hasn’t enticed me to subscribe.

It’s same dump of games we’ve seen time and time again, a few gems but many more that you’re simply not going to bother with.

If it was the entire NES Library (or as much as legally possible) then maybe.
Or if they bring SNES and N64 games.

But even then I have all NES and SNES games I’d actually play on the NES and SNES Classic or even on 3DS VC if I want them on the go.

There’s only so much pulling power the old NES games can bring over the last 10 years and for me I’m fatigued on them being a “selling point” anymore.

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