Dataminers discover voice chat icons in Splatoon 2

Dataminers have been poking around in Splatoon 2, and they've made a rather interesting discovery. A pair of voice chat icons have been discovered, which simply show voice chat being on/off. Splatoon 2 currently supports in-game voice chat through LAN mode, but regular online play requires you to use the Switch Online mobile app.

The LAN voice chat was tested after this discovery, and neither of the icons appear while chatting. This means that whatever the icons are for is yet to be implemented. It could be part of an upcoming feature, or was an element that was once being considered, but has since been dropped.

Also worth pointing out, a parameter called “BitRateMeasureRate” was added to the game’s versus config on June 13th, as well as the main game config file in Version 4.0. This pertains to the bit-rate of voice chat.

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I hope it's real, but it would be great if the found a way to stop people complaining about how they're going to rank down and it's all your fault. I think it would be a lot of fun for Splatfests, though. What if you could talk to the players that show up in the square and do a weird squid dance?

Nintendo have listened to ther fans and are dropping the silly mobile chat-app!

I shouldn't be playing the lottery, eh?

Since I tried the mobile app on mario kart 8, actually I dont think they will drop it... it works rather well. Much, much better than when it launched

Like the battery on my phone isn't crappy enough. Oh and wires/cables for a hybrid console.

They have to drop it one day. Maybr with Switch 2.

didnt draint it that much imo, also, didnt use cables, just use airpods or other bt headphones.

Well, I'm bound to test it out one day.


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