SNK HEROINES ~Tag Team Frenzy~ devs talk roster choices, including Terry, and sequel interest

Famitsu recently featured an interview concerning SNK HEROINES ~Tag Team Frenzy~ , which included discussion from Art director Yusuke Amano, sound director Mayuko Hino, and director Kaito Soranaka. You can see a few snippets of that interview below, with translation courtesy of NintendoEverything.

On picking characters for the roster

Soranaka: I decided while discussing it with the game staff. There are the core characters that are already popular, characters we’d like to see become popular in the future, and even some inclusions that will surprise the fans… those are the three categories we have. Of course, there are still lots of great Heroines left, and just because they don’t appear in this game doesn’t mean we have written them off altogether.

On including Terry

Soranaka: Well, as Terry is the face of the SNK series we thought we’d make him a woman and have him in this game too!

Amano: First off the plan was for him to have the body of a woman but for his voice to stay the same. But, when we saw it for real, it was horrible! (laughs) Because of that we decided to go with a female voice, but finding the right female voice was tough, and we went through a lot of auditions.

On potential for a sequel

Soranaka: I think it would be nice if we could release a sequel every time there is a new KOF game, and to have one game that is raucously fun alongside a more traditional title. With that aim, I would like to carry on with the series.


I have an interest in this game but it seems too light on content. Maybe instead of thinking about sequel they should consider finishing the first one.

Methinks this is one of those games that would people in on it with a DEMO!

Before making a sequel they should first think about fixing this game. There are numerous complaints, be it the simplistic controls, lack of modes, limited roster of characters, borked online, etc. The reviews for it are far from great.


Butt, butt.... the game haz boobies.

Agreed with everyone's statements here but would also like to add... How about we see newer KOF titles come to the switch.

Sun Sep 23 18 02:25pm
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Given that SNK Heroines runs at 30FPS on Switch due to lazy outsourcing, do you really trust SNK to deliver on the KOF front even if they did choose to port them?

I'd be happy with a port of KOFXIII though, I mean surely they couldn't screw THAT up, right?

Mon Sep 24 18 10:09am
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Yeah, that's true. I don't know if I trust them now that you bring this up.

Hahaha, you say this and yet here we are in a state of doubt. lol
I'd really love to see it though.

Already talk of a sequel, you guys didn't even release a complete FIRST game.


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