Skylanders Academy: Season 3 - trailer

Returning September 28th, the Skylanders are faced with their greatest challenge ever! With Spyro turned evil at the hands of uber-villain Strykore, it will take all of the Skylanders uniting together to help Spyro remember the true hero he really is and restore peace to the realm.


Wait, at 1:45... is that Coco?? What have they done to you, girl?!

On topic, I'm surprised to see the franchise still kicking with the Toys-to-life fad dying out some. Maybe they're trying to keep it alive while trying to figure out their next move?

If it was me, I'd capitalize off of the hype of the Crash and Spyro trilogies and make animated series based off those IPs.

Took them long enough to bring in that pilot character. Show has seemed weird without him.

It took me a while to warm up to the show, mostly because it was a tad too episodic for my tastes, but they've been improving bit by bit. It looks like this season will have a much more cohesive plot.


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